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TuxMobil News Archive 2009/12

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Kiwix - offline reader for Web contents based on the ZIM file format (0.8 RC3) more  [external link]
Kismet - 802.11b network sniffer and network dissector for WLAN (2009-11-R1) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Qt Adds Multi-Touch, Supports MAEMO and Symbian more  [external link]
Kindle eBook Reader Software Update Version 2.3 more  [external link]
SlashDot: Archos Releases Dev Edition Firmware For Tablets more  [external link]
TechCrunch: The End Of The CrunchPad more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: HD-Ready SmartPhone Supports Linux and Android more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.26.92) more  [external link]
tkpile - grabs APM/ACPI information and displays the current status of the battery (0.6) more  [external link]
SlashDot: Open Source Attempt To Crack GSM Encryption more  [external link]
SlashDot: Why Open Source Phones Still Fail more  [external link]
gpsd - translates GPS data into a simpler format (2.90) more  [external link]
SlashDot: Introducing L2Ork, World's First Linux Laptop Orchestra more  [external link]
Le Petit Poucet - displays and edit GPS routes and tracks in a 3D scene (0.3.0-B2) more  [external link]
SlashDot: Linux Reaches 32% Netbook Market Share more  [external link]
SlashDot: Palm Sued Over Palm Pre GPL Violation more  [external link]
SlashDot: CrunchPad Being Re-branded As JooJoo more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Samsung's mobile OS SDK ships, runs on Linux more  [external link]
FBReader - e-book reader for Linux PDAs and desktop computers (0.12.0) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: UMPC Reboots Psion PDA form Factor more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: HyperVisor Will Let Phones Run Two OSes at Once more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Wind River Ships Android Dev Platform more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Android Gains Bug Update as More Phones are Tipped more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Android Phone Rooted as Google Goggles Debuts more  [external link]
Zarafa - share Outlook, email, calendars via Outlook, with your PocketPC (6.30.6) more  [external link]
FBReader - e-book reader for Linux PDAs and desktop computers (0.12.1) more  [external link]
SlashDot: ARM-Powered Laptops To Increase Linux Market Share more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.26.93) more  [external link]
efa - command line client for the VRR (German OEPNV) web interface (1.03) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Atom Dev Program Posts Beta SDK foR MobLin more  [external link]
Wammu - mobile phone manager that uses Gammu as its backend (0.31.1) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: $99 NetBook Runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Hackable Android Handheld Game Device Uses Cortex-A8 SoC more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Cisco 802.11N Router for SMBs Runs Linux more  [external link]
ASUS G50 OLED - controls the display system monitoring statistics (1.0.4) more  [external link]
Newpods - sync recently downloaded podcasts to your portable device (0.8.0) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Cloud-Oriented NetBook Distro Arrives in Beta more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Google's Nexus One Android Phone Makes a Splash more  [external link]
SlashDot: Android's Success a Threat To Free Software? more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.27.0) more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: Open source 802.11n router gains NTFS file-sharing more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: PC Fits Into Keyboard, Uses Only Five Watts more  [external link]
LinuxForDevices: OLPC Tablet Prototype Unveiled more  [external link]
SlashDot: Duke Nukem 3D Ported To Nokia N900 more  [external link]
srmio - access to the Schoberer Radmesstechnik (SRM) PowerControl V bike computer (0.0.4) more  [external link]
SlashDot: GSM Decryption Published, with Open Source Tools more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (5.4) more  [external link]

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