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TuxMobil News Archive 2008/10

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Linux-Magazine: Qt but not "On the Q.T.": Nokia Renames Trolltech more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.21.0) more  [external link]
python-gammu - bindings for the GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones (0.27) more  [external link]
Rockbox - replacement firmware for the Archos Jukebox 6000, Studio, and Recorder MP3 players (3.0) more  [external link]
Asus Display - displays information on the OLED found on laptops such as the ASUS G1 (0.1) more  [external link]
OStatic: Apple Squashes the iPhone SDK NDA: What's the OSS Impact? more  [external link]
LXer: BroadCom Opens Up On WireLess Chipsets more  [external link]
TheStandard: Opinion: iPhone Trumps Android more  [external link]
SlashDot: Linux Rescues Battery Life On Vista Notebooks From Dell more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Mobile Mesh Stack Debuts on Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux SDIO stack targets ARM SoCs more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Virtualization design targets wireless base stations more  [external link]
Cnet: Conflicting Opinions on Windows Mobile: Open Source or Open FUD? more  [external link]
SlashDot: Netbook Return Rates Much Higher For Linux Than Windows more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux IP-STB Swaps Media with Cell Phones more  [external link]
Now Introducing Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 more  [external link]
MobilitySite: Linux Falters in NetBooks more  [external link]
Wammu - mobile phone manager that uses Gammu as its backend (0.29) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: First Atom-Based Linux MID Ships more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Gnome Mobile Hits the Road more  [external link]
rwdgutenberg - book reading tool (0.12) more  [external link]
ASUS G50 OLED - controls the display system monitoring statistics (1.0.0) more  [external link]
gnokii - tool suite for Nokia (GSM) mobile phones (0.6.27) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Italian Carrier Ships Linux MID more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Mobile FireFox Ready for Download more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: MontaVista Linux Drives DELL's Quick-Boot Feature more  [external link]
NorthxSouth: Venezuela Acquires One Million ClassMate Laptops in Deal With Portugal more  [external link]
OSnews: Canonical Confirms MSI's Linux Return Rate Statement more  [external link]
ComputerWorld: New Linux BroadCom Wi-Fi Drivers Arrive more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: POS stack targets Linux netbooks more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Mobile Linux platform supports Cortex-A8 SoC more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux design targets 802.11n-enabled homes more  [external link]
OStatic: Linux NetBook Returns: Not Surprising, But Likely Avoidable more  [external link]
dillo - extremely small Web browser (2.0) more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (3.7) more  [external link]
Viking - GTK2-based GPS data editor and viewer (0.9.7) more  [external link]
ITKnowledgeExchange: Netbooks Will Boost Adoption of Linux, Says Novell CTO more  [external link]
InformationWeek: How Linux Can Conquer The Laptop more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux to Dominate MIDs more  [external link]
SlashDot: Why the Kill Switch Makes Sense For Android more  [external link]
OpenGTS - full-featured GPS tracking system (2.0.2) more  [external link]
Irish Times: Laptop Plan is not Child's Play Just Yet more  [external link]
eWEEK: T-Mobile Android Smart Phone a Solid Device more  [external link]
SoftPedia: OLPC Releases Fedora-Based Linux Distribution for the XO Laptop more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Australian Linux conf includes mobile more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Phone Pioneer Acquired more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: T-Mobile Sells Out First 1.5 Million G1s more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: First ALP Linux SmartPhone? more  [external link]
SlashDot: New Cellphone Sized "Computer" Takes Aim at Sub-Notebooks more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.21.90) more  [external link]
SlashDot: E17, Slimmed Down For Cell Phones more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: QT Announces Linux Design Win in IP Phones more  [external link]
Australian IT: NSW considers giving students Linux laptops more  [external link]
SlashDot: Google Opens Up Android Codebase more  [external link]
SlashDot: Full Review of the T-Mobile G1 Android Device more  [external link]
SlashDot: Android Also Comes With a Kill-Switch more  [external link]
xfer9860 - connects to a Casio fx-9860G graphing calculator and transfers files (0.2.1) more  [external link]
Linux-Pro-Magazine: Linux Carried Along on NetBooks Wave more  [external link]
RegHardWare: Apricot NetBook Ditches Linux more  [external link]
OStatic: Introduction to the Moblin Image Creator more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Motorola Android Phone Due Q2 more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Imovio iKit - Tiny Clamshell PDA Runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Powers Thin MID more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: QT Ported to S60 more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: NetBook Runs Debian on China-Made CPU more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: "Access Day" Highlights Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Wind River Touts Android Win, Tools more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (3.8) more  [external link]
Babel - distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 (0.90) more  [external link]
PhoneNews: Five Common Myths About Linux and Android more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Moblin Linux Gathers Momentum more  [external link]
Cibyl - allows compiled C programs to execute on J2ME-capable phones (20) more  [external link]
rwdgutenberg - book reading tool (0.13) more  [external link]
TheRegister: Dismissed Linux high return rate claim more  [external link]
uClibc - a C library for embedded systems (0.9.30-rc3) more  [external link]
CNet: Linux NetBooks Impact Microsoft's Windows Business more  [external link]
TheVarGuy: Australian Customers Demand Linux NetBooks more  [external link]
CNet: Get a Linux-Powered HP NetBook for $299 Shipped more  [external link]
Python-GPSBabel - Python wrapper around GPSBabel (0.6) more  [external link]
XPS Led Changer - graphical front-end for the dellLEDCtl program to change the colors and intensity of a Dell XPS notebook (0.6-beta) more  [external link]
CNet: Linux-Based Android Phones Hit eBAY Australia more  [external link]
InternetNews: Clutter is Good for Intel's Moblin Linux more  [external link]
SlashDot: Running Google Android On iPhone Clones more  [external link]
BusyBox - combines tiny versions UNIX utils into a small executable (1.12.1) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Intel, Taiwan Tag-Team Moblin, WiMAX more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Nokia Talks Qt Strategy, Tactics more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: HP NetBook Boasts Homegrown Linux Distro more  [external link]
EeePC-optimized Kernel for Ubuntu 2.6.27-7 (Intrepid) more  [external link]
anyRemote - remote control through Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi, or TCP/IP (4.11) more  [external link]
NY Times: Laptop Lite With Windows XP (and soon Linux) more  [external link]
OStatic: WAL-Mart's G1 Phone Discount Irks Early Android Adopters more  [external link]
Geek.com: HP Announces $399 Mini 1000 NetBook and MIE Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Dell NetBook Uses MID-Sized Atom more  [external link]
BigTech: PC Makers Move Closer to a Post-Windows World more  [external link]

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