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ITwire: iPhone Chasing Linux in Operating System Market Share Race more  [external link]
$98 Laptop from China -- Industry Changer? more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Wind River Buys Mizi Research more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: "OLYMPICS" Phone Runs Linux more  [external link]
ZDnet: Where the Linux Laptops Live more  [external link]
The Boston Globe: Amazon to sell laptops from foundation more  [external link]
KDE Developer's Journals: KDE's Office Suite Running on Nokia's Mobile Internet Device more  [external link]
ComputerWorld: Do You Want a Notebook with that Order? more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Intel Acquires Linux Distro Developer more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Leads Wind River Revenues Upwards more  [external link]
SlashDot: Lenovo Removes Linux Option For Home Buyers more  [external link]
SlashDot: First Prototype of Open Source TechCrunch Tablet more  [external link]
LKML: Linus Torvalds requests better WLAN driver for ASUS Eee PC more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Dell's Ubuntu-Powered Mini-Laptop Arrives Today more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Android Challenge Winners Push Location Awareness more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Dell Ships Ubuntu- and Atom-Based NetBook more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: First $100 Laptop Runs Linux more  [external link]
ChrunchGear: OLPC's Amazon Notebook Linux Only more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Hacker-Friendly Karaoke PMP Runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Open Linux Phone Gets Datacasts more  [external link]
APCmag: Toshiba Releases Linux NetBook more  [external link]
itbusiness: Panel: Open Phones are more Vulnerable more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux SmartPhone Share Drops more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux mobile stack adds Flash more  [external link]
ElectronicsWeekly: Intel, Nokia and Google do Battle in Mobile Linux Market more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux distro spins netbook version more  [external link]
Guiodic: RMS About Google Chrome and GNU/Linux on Laptops more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Open source phone goes to college more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.20.93) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: First Android Phone to Launch Next Week more  [external link]
Linux Bluetooth Remote Control (LBRC) - allows a Linux computer to be controlled by a J2ME device (0.6.3) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Cortex-A8 Gaming Handheld Runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux eBook does 9K Pages per Charge more  [external link]
tkpile - grabs APM/ACPI information and displays the current status of the battery (0.5) more  [external link]
Moccatroller - remote desktop application for mobile devices, supporting Bluetooth and Internet connections (1.8) more  [external link]
LWN: Atheros Releases ath5k HAL Code more  [external link]
hamsterdb - embedded database engine written in ANSI-C (1.0.6) more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (3.6) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: MIDs to Outsell NetBooks in Five Years? more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Second-generation tablet PC runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: (Linux) Netbook sports 320GB hard disk more  [external link]
SlashDot: SDK Shoot Out, Android vs. iPhone more  [external link]
SlashDot: Venezuela Purchases a Million Intel Classmates more  [external link]
TechCrunch: Motorola Building Up 350-Person Android Team. Nokia Also Sniffing Around. more  [external link]
InternetNews: The G1 Quandary: Open Yet Locked more  [external link]
MacDailyNews: Microsoft CEO Ballmer: Apple iPhone and MAC Will Lose more  [external link]
ComputerWorld: The Android Phone is Here! So What? more  [external link]
InformationWeek: Mandriva Mini: Linux for Atom -- and for OEMs Only (so Far) more  [external link]
Linux.COM: Track Your Missing Laptop With Adeona more  [external link]
ArsTechnica: Technical Overview: MAEMO 5, the Next-Gen Nokia Tablet OS more  [external link]
SlashDot: Google Unveils First Android Phone more  [external link]
BookReader: Energy Efficient eBook-Reader Runs on Linux more  [external link]
TheRegister: Symbian: Linux unfit for mobile phones more  [external link]
ArsTechnica: OpenMoko CEO: Embrace Fragmentation, Diversity is a Strength more  [external link]
OpenMoko Party - Puzzle invites to community meeting more  [external link]
SlashDot: Neopwn, the World's First Pentesting Mobile Phone more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Latest LiMO Phone Touted for Voice Clarification more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Distro Targets NetBook OEMs more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Nokia Linux Tablets go 3G, OMAP3 more  [external link]
rwdgutenberg - book reading tool (0.10) more  [external link]
OPIE - Open Palm Integrated Environment (1.2.4) more  [external link]

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