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SlashDot: Elonex ONE Subnotebook Shows Right Path For Linux more  [external link]
open-cgf - 3GPP-compliant charging gateway function (0.13) more  [external link]
WebWare: Asus to launch laptops with instant-on feature more  [external link]
InternetNews: Google Shows Off 'iPhone-like' Android Features more  [external link]
C|net: Acer aspires to lead low-cost (Linux) laptop race more  [external link]
Stylus/Handwriting Input Panel (SHIP) - gesture text entry for Tablet computers using an X11 user interface (0.9.3) more  [external link]
KernelSlacker: Via's Linux Portal more  [external link]
SlashDot: Acer Bets Big On Linux more  [external link]
plptools - communicate with a Psion palmtop over a serial line (1.0.4) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux distributor [Linpus] joins Moblin more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Google Shows Off Android Goodies more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Phone Stacks Target Cortex-A8 SoC more  [external link]
First OpenStreetMap Summer Mapping more  [external link]
Xandros Adopts Moblin for 25 Percent Battery Boost on Netbooks more  [external link]
LinuxToday: New Ubuntu Remix Opens Fast-Track OS for MIDs more  [external link]
Pro-Linux: Cheap Linux Laptops Offered by Polish Supermarketchain Biedronka more  [external link]
ABI Research: Linux will take 23% of the SmartPhone Market by 2013 more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (2.9.6) more  [external link]
CellWriter - grid-entry natural handwriting input panel (1.3.4) more  [external link]
ITwire: Could The EeePC End Up Being Microsoft's Trojan Horse? more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: x86 WiFi Mesh Routers Run Debian Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Smartphones, Linux Gaining Share more  [external link]
Mobile Linux: The Best Choice for Smartphones? more  [external link]
SlashDot: OEMs Looking to Ubuntu for Netbook Market more  [external link]
Linux Planet: Virtualizing the Embedded World: Vista Over Linux in a Cell Phone? more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: MIDs gain wireless connection management app more  [external link]
FreeSoftwareMagazine: Ubuntu Netbook Remix: A Detailed Explanation more  [external link]
Open-Xchange Project Brings Business-Class Email and Calendaring to the iPhone more  [external link]
SlashDot: How Nokia and Linux Can Live Together more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Wind River Spins MID Linux more  [external link]
Mark Shuttleworth: Netbooks Pre-Loaded With Ubuntu more  [external link]
ObexFTP - accesses the memory of mobile phones like Siemens S45/ME45 (0.22) more  [external link]
PowerTop - detects which Linux programs and kernel tunables are resulting in the largest power consumption (1.10) more  [external link]
SlashDot: Early Look At ASUS Eee PC 901 With Intel Atom CPU more  [external link]
ObexFS - FUSE-based filesystem to access memory on mobile phones (0.11) more  [external link]
wshare - shares an existing network connection from the commandline (1.0) more  [external link]
Novell Extends Desktop Linux Leadership Through Pre-Load Agreement With Micro-Star International more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Top OS in MIDs more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Mozilla Previews Firefox Mobile more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Nokia Completes Trolltech Acquisition more  [external link]
InfoWorld: OLPC spin-off developing UI for Intel's Classmate PC more  [external link]
SlashDot: Openmoko's Open Source Phone Goes Mass-Market more  [external link]
APC: Asus Backs Down on Anti-Linux Pricing more  [external link]
SlashDot: Nokia to Acquire and Open Source Symbian more  [external link]
SlashDot: Android Phones Delayed more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Nokia to buy, free Symbian more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Guest Opinion: Open Symbian Could Win more  [external link]
Linux.com: Linux laptop retailers fearlessly face name-brand competition more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Ubuntu MID Edition Ships more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Tri-band SDIO WiFi card runs Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Mobile Linux Groups Merge more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux distro targets mobile SoC more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Fashion Accessory PMP Camera Runs Linux more  [external link]
SlashDot: Netgear Launches Open Source-Friendly Wireless Router more  [external link]
Floola - manages iPods or Motorola mobile phones (any model that supports iTunes) (3.0) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux-Based Cameraphone Shifts Modes more  [external link]

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