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UMTSmon - controls a 3G (WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA) card (0.3) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: NEC, Panasonic, TI form Mobile Phone Development Joint Venture more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Samsung Ships Another Linux Phone more  [external link]
EasyPMP - maintains the music database on portable music players (0.12) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux-Based SCPL Phones to Replace Motorola Razr Line more  [external link]
winzig - a collection of Python/GTK applications suitable for PDAs (1.75) more  [external link]
BusyBox - combines tiny versions UNIX utils into a small executable (1.2.1) more  [external link]
Wammu - mobile phone manager that uses Gammu as its backend (0.14) more  [external link]
XPilotFoto - GUI front-end for the pilot-foto utility (0.5) more  [external link]
Lenovo Preloading SUSE Linux on ThinkPad more  [external link]
OpenZaurus - alternative OS for the Zaurus PDA ( more  [external link]
bbcpufreq - GUI front end for the CPU frequency daemon (0.3) more  [external link]
AcpiTool - ACPI client a replacement for the apm tool (0.4.6) more  [external link]
FBReader - e-book reader for Linux PDAs and desktop computers (0.7.4h) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Lenovo Embeds Linux in High-End and Low-End Notebooks more  [external link]
SlashDot: Intel Open Sources Graphics Drivers more  [external link]
WEP Key Changer - randomly changes the WEP key after a specified amount of time (0.2) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux Powers Sony's New MyLO WiFi Handheld more  [external link]
BitPim - views and manipulate data on LG VX4400/VX6000 and many Sanyo Sprint cell phones (0.9.06) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Compact Linux Gadget Targets Wired/Wireless Apps more  [external link]
SB Timmy - IMAP client for WAP/WML devices (0.3) more  [external link]
SMS Server Tools - build an SMS email gateway (2.2.6) more  [external link]
keyTouch - configure the extra function keys of a keyboard (2.2.0) more  [external link]
LinuxPlanet: The Real Lenovo Laptop Deal - Blank Disk, No Linux Pre-Loaded more  [external link]
kwavecontrol - monitoring tool for WaveLAN devices (0.4.2) more  [external link]
GAMMU - cell phone manager (formerly MyGnokii2) (1.07.25) more  [external link]
KMobileTools - controls mobile phones with your PC (0.5_beta1) more  [external link]
GPixPod - organizes photos on recent Apple iPod models (0.5.1) more  [external link]
ieee80211 - generic networking stack (1.1.15) more  [external link]
SlashDot: Another Linux PDA to Challenge the Nokia 770 more  [external link]
Phoronix: ATI 8.28.8 display drivers provides display switching support for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads more  [external link]
Intel - driver for PRO/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG WLAN chipset Centrino (1.1.4) more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: TrollTech woos developers with "open" Linux phone more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux phone industry groups align more  [external link]
Wi-Fi Planet: Sony MyLo built on Qtopia Linux more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux cellphone stack approved by #2 Euro carrier more  [external link]
SlashDot: Researcher Creates Handheld Hacking Tool more  [external link]
gnokii - tool suite for Nokia (GSM) mobile phones (0.6.14) more  [external link]
GPixPod - organizes photos on recent Apple iPod models (0.5.2) more  [external link]
libchipcard - support for chipcards/smartcards (2.1.8) more  [external link]
aircrack-ng - tools for auditing wireless networks (0.6.1) more  [external link]
OsNews: interview: Guy Martin of Motorola's Linux division more  [external link]
EFYtimes: Sony Ericsson joins Eclipse more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: device profile: Irex Iliad mobile eBook reader more  [external link]
LinuxDevices: Linux powers DoCoMo's first 3.5G phone more  [external link]
KWifiSelector is a KDE tool to display all available wireless networks (0.1) more  [external link]

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