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TuxMobil News Archive 2002

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05 August: SATURN Austria offers Gericom Bellagio laptop with SuSE 8.0
The SATURN electronic shops in Austria offer the Gericom Bellagio 1720E laptop pre-equipped with SuSE 8.0. This machine features a 1.7GHz Celeron, 128MB DDR-RAM, 14" TFT display, SiS 650 graphic chip, 20GB harddisk and DVD. COMPLETE STORY


11 July: Familiar - PDA distribution v0.5.3
Familiar, the distribution for Linux PDAs features now MMC support. COMPLETE STORY


18 June: IBM's Linux ThinkPad support project being dropped
Keith Frechette the lead developer of IBM's Linux ThinkPad support project declared that "after 3 years, Lenovo (former IBM) has decided to no longer fund that project, and as of Monday, June 24th 2002, I will be layed-off from IBM as part of IBM's recent Server Group "resource action."" See also the Linux laptop status survey of manufacturers. COMPLETE STORY
17 June: New Issue ACER HotKey Driver
A new issue of the ACER hotkey driver for special keys on ACER laptops is available. COMPLETE STORY
12 June: MobiliX wins against Obelix
The court Landgericht Munich I has rejected the arguments of a trademark case filed against MobiliX, which cited the similarities between comic book character names and a mobile UNIX/Linux software firm. COMPLETE STORY


17 May: First SpeedStep Utility Available
speedstep provides a daemon to switch between different SpeedStep modes. Be aware that this utility only supports Intel Pentium III Mobile-M CPUs, on all others, it might kill your data or fry your machine. Check /proc/cpuinfo. COMPLETE STORY


01 Apr: IBM ThinkPad Scroll Daemon
The initial version of IBM ThinkPad Scroll Daemon is now available. COMPLETE STORY


12 Mar: New Driver Synaptics TouchPad
A new driver for Synaptics TouchPad (ACER TravelMate and other laptops) is now available. COMPLETE STORY


24 Feb: New Driver for Anycom BlueTooth(TM) PCMCIA Cards
The Linux driver for Anycom BlueTooth(TM) PCMCIA cards made by Marcel Holtmann is now available. COMPLETE STORY


21 Jan: Response to Trademark Charge Against MobiliX
The response of the MobiliX lawyers Jaschinski, Biere & Brexl - JBB consist of 22 pages (without attachments) and is available online in German. COMPLETE STORY

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