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Jokes about Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs and Mobile Phones

In recognizing AT&T Bell Laboratories for corporate innovation, for its invention of cellular mobile communications, IEEE President Russell C. Drew referred to the cellular telephone as a "basic necessity." How times have changed, one observer remarked: many in the room recalled the advent of direct dialing.

-- The Institute, July 1988, pg. 11, source: fortunes collected by Ken Arnold

* Customer: "My palmtop won't turn on."
* Tech Support: "Did the battery run out, maybe?"
* Customer: "No, it doesn't use batteries. It's Windows powered."
-- Computer Stupidities

"Somehow the mathematics lesson feeled shorter today .." "MhmmYepp ...! I have the rest-jingle on my mobile phone!!"
source: ZITTY 24/2003 p. 218

"Do you have some batteries on you?" "Sure!"
source: STRAHL in ZITTY 04/2001 p. 173

source: How to make a PHKL - that's short for *Pink Hello Kitty Laptop*.

source: How to make a YZPL - that's short for *Yellow Zipper Pokemon Laptop*.

Buddha with laptop

source: Xonio


source: 4T

The HOAX department of 4T and LinuxToday wrote: "Making a bid for a piece of the emerging desktop Linux market, Mattel, Inc. announced the immediate availability of downloadable beta ISOs for BarbieOS 0.99, and said it hoped the final 1.0 retail version would be on store shelves in time for Christmas. The new OS was created by Mattel to power the upcoming revision of its popular B-Book line of laptops for girls between the ages of four and eleven. The original B-Book laptop, which ran a modified version of PalmOS, was a huge hit with consumers last holiday season, so much so that many stores had trouble keeping them in stock. This year, Mattel is upping the ante by making the B-Book into a full-fledged desktop replacement targeted specifically at toddler through preteen girls who are currently Windows users but may be seeking alternatives, possibly due to increasing licensing fees or out of a desire to break free of vendor lock-in."

Here's a link to what is perhaps the most delicious laptop ever. A great modding done with gingerbread. And here is another one, IBM ThinkPad 20 baked of gingerbread.

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