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FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly and Mobile Computers (Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones)

Do you want to use a BSD flavor like OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD or DragonFly together with your laptop, notebook, PDA or mobile cell phone? Here are links to installation or connectivity reports. You are welcome to submit your own report, too.

Laptops and Notebooks

ACER Aspire 1300Debian, FreeBSD 
ACER Aspire 1641WLMiFreeBSD 6.0 
ACER Aspire 3003WLCi  NEW  OpenBSD 3.9 
ACER Aspire 5100WLMi  NEW  FreeBSD 6.2, 7.0 
ACER Aspire 9412ZWSMiMandriva (Mandrake) 2007 Spring, FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASEDutch
ACER Aspire 9412ZWSMiMandriva (Mandrake) 2007 Spring, FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE 
ACER Aspire One A150X  NEW  FreeBSD 8.X STABLEGerman
ACER TravelMate 225XCLinux, FreeBSD 4.8 
ACER TravelMate 524TEV [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9 
ACER TravelMate 661LCiRedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 6, OpenBSD 3.6, Solaris 10 
ACER TravelMate 2600Debian, FreeBSD 6.1 
Apple iBook2 Dual USB 600MHz [late 2001] [archived link]OpenBSD 3.2 
Apple iBook 700MHz [2002]CRUX Linux PPC, NetBSD 1.2.1 
Apple iBook 800MHz [archived link]OpenBSD 
Apple iBook G3 500Mhz  NEW  OpenBSD 3.7 PowerPC 
Apple Macbook Core2Duo  NEW  NetBSD 
Apple Macbook  NEW  FreeBSDGerman
Apple Macbook  NEW  FreeBSD 
Apple Macbook  NEW  FreeBSDFrench
Apple Macbook  NEW  FreeBSD 
Apple Macbook Pro  NEW  FreeBSD 7.0 
Apple Macbook Pro  NEW  OpenBSD 4.2 
Apple Macbook Pro  NEW  LinuxGerman
Apple Macbook Pro  NEW  Novell/SuSE 10.2 
Apple MacBook Pro 5,5  NEW  Fedora 12, OpenBSD 
Apple PowerBook 160  NEW  NetBSD 
Apple PowerBook G3 Pismo FireWireOpenBSD 3.4 
Apple PowerBook G4 17'' (AlBook)OpenBSD 3.7 
Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (TiBook II)Debian, NetBSD 
Apple PowerBook G4 550MHz (TiBook)OpenBSD 
Apple PowerBook G4 800 Titanium (TiBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 
Apple PowerBook G4 15''OpenBSD 
Apple PowerBook G4 800MHz DVI [archived link]OpenBSD 
ASUS F7400 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9, 3.1 
ASUS F7400 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9, 3.1Lithuanian
ASUS L7300G [archived link]FreeBSD 
ASUS M2400E [archived link]FreeBSD 4.8 
ASUS T9400FreeBSD 5.3 
ASUS Eee PC 701 4G  NEW  FreeBSD 
ASUS Eee PC 701:a:hreflang=de *)OpenBSD 4.5German
ASUS Eee PC 900  NEW  FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE 
ASUS Eee PC 901  NEW  FreeBSD 7.0 
AT&T Globalyst 200S [archived link]FreeBSD 
BenQ JoyBook 6000 [archived link]Gentoo, OpenBSD 
BEST Apache CFreeBSD 4.4 
CASIO Cassiopeia Fiva MPC-206FreeBSDJapanese
CASIO Cassiopeia Fiva MPC-206VL  NEW  FreeBSD 
Clevo M22ES (aka Hyundai D270S)FreeBSD 5.2.1 
Compal N38W2 (M-Tech 30W)FreeBSD 
COMPAQ Armada 1530DMFreeBSD 
COMPAQ Armada 1573DMOpenBSD 3.3 
COMPAQ Armada 4100FreeBSD 
COMPAQ Armada 4131T [archived link]OpenBSD 2.6 
COMPAQ Armada 7400  NEW  FreeBSD 4.x 
COMPAQ Armada E500 [archived link]OpenBSD 
COMPAQ Armada E500 [archived link]OpenBSD 
COMPAQ Armada E500  NEW  FreeBSD, Linux 
COMPAQ Armada M700 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.1Japanese
COMPAQ Contura Aero [archived link]OpenBSD 2.6, 3.0 
COMPAQ LTE 5200 [archived link]Slackware, FreeBSD 
COMPAQ Presario 900USFreeBSD 
COMPAQ Presario 1200LA [archived link]OpenBSD 3.0 
COMPAQ Presario 1215EAFreeBSD 6.0 
COMPAQ Presario 1620  NEW  FreeBSD 
COMPAQ Presario R3000 (aka Hewlett-Packard ZV 5000(US) [archived link]  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE AMD64 (x86_64) 
COMPAQ Presario R3000ZFreeBSD 
COMPAQ Presario R3140USFreeBSD 5.4, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux 
CTX EzBookFreeBSD 4.8 
DELL Inspiron 640M  NEW  KUbuntu, FreeBSD, NetBSDGerman
DELL Inspiron 700MFreeBSD 6.0 
DELL Inspiron 700MFreeBSD 5.3 
DELL Inspiron 700MFreeBSD 5.2.1 
DELL Inspiron 1000OpenBSD 3.6 
DELL Inspiron 1100 [archived link]FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 1150FreeBSD 5.2 
DELL Inspiron 1300FreeBSD 6.2 
DELL Inspiron 1501Sabayon Linux 3.4e x86_64 bit DVD, Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64 (x86_64) 
DELL Inspiron 2100 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.4 
DELL Inspiron 2650 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.8French
DELL Inspiron 3200FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 3700 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8 
DELL Inspiron 3800FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 4000Linux, Solaris 7-8, OpenBSD 2.7-3.3, FreeBSD 4.1-5.1 
DELL Inspiron 4000Debian, FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 4000 [archived link] FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 4000OpenBSD 3.6 
DELL Inspiron 4100 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.5 
DELL Inspiron 5000 [archived link]OpenBSD 3.6 
DELL Inspiron 5000 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
DELL Inspiron 5000e (aka i5Ke, M-Tech 30W, and possibly Compal N38W2)FreeBSD 4.2, 4.8 
DELL Inspiron 5100FreeBSD 5.1 
DELL Inspiron 5150FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 5150 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3German
DELL Inspiron 7000FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 7500FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 7500FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 8100 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.5 
DELL Inspiron 8100FreeBSD 5.x, DebianGerman
DELL Inspiron 8100FreeBSD 5.x, Debian 
DELL Inspiron 8100FreeBSD 4.6 
DELL Inspiron 8200RedHat 7.3, FreeBSD 4.7 
DELL Inspiron 8200 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.x, 5.1 
DELL Inspiron 8500 [archived link]FreeBSD 
DELL Inspiron 8600FreeBSD 5.0 
DELL Inspiron 8600C [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3 
DELL Inspiron 9400 (E1705)Ubuntu Dapper Drake, FreeBSD 6.2 
DELL Inspiron XPS M1330  NEW  FreeBSD 7.x 
DELL Inspiron XPS M1330  NEW  FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASEGerman
DELL Latitude 120L [archived link]Debian, FreeBSDPortuguese
DELL Latitude CPi A  NEW  FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude CPi A300ST [archived link]OpenBSD 
DELL Latitude CPi A366STOpenBSD 3.0 
DELL Latitude CPi A366XTOpenBSD 2.7 
DELL Latitude CPi R400GT [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8 
DELL Latitude CSOpenBSD 3.0 
DELL Latitude CPx-H500GT [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9 
DELL Latitude CPx-J650GT [archived link]FreeBSD 4.0 
DELL Latitude C400Novell/SuSE 8.1, FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude C400NetBSD 
DELL Latitude C600FreeBSD 4.3 
DELL Latitude C600FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude D600FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude D600NetBSD 
DELL Latitude D620FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude LSFreeBSD 
DELL Latitude LS H400STOpenBSD 4.2, FreeBSD 6.0 
DELL Latitude L400 [archived link]OpenBSD 3.1 
DELL Latitude L400 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.5 
DELL Latitude X1FreeBSD 7.xJapanese
DELL Latitude X1 [archived link]FreeBSD 6.0German
DELL Latitude X200FreeBSD 4.x 
DELL Latitude X200FreeBSD 5.0Japanese
DELL Latitude X300 [archived link]FreeBSD 
DELL Latitude XP 4100D [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9 
DELL Latitude XPi CD M166ST [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
DELL Studio 15 (aka Inspiron 1535)  NEW  FreeBSD 8 AMD64 (x86_64)German
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo AFreeBSD 5.3Polish
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo AFreeBSD 5.3 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo DSlackware 8.0, FreeBSD 5.0 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2040FreeBSD 6.0, 6.2 Ubuntu 7.04 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook C-1020FreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook C-1020FreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-8010  NEW  NetBSDRussian
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-1610  NEW  OpenBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7010FreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7010D [archived link]FreeBSD 6 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7010 PMFreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens P-2110FreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens P-2120FreeBSD 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-4572FreeBSD 4.x 
Fujitsu 645MC6C/W [archived link]FreeBSD 4.3 
Fujitsu FMV 5120 NA/W [archived link]FreeBSD 3.5.1Japanese
Fujitsu Stylistic 1000Debian 2.2, FreeBSD 
Fujitsu Stylistic 1200Debian 2.2, FreeBSD 
Gateway 7422GX (aka eMachines M6811)FreeBSD 5.3 
Gateway 7422GX (aka eMachines M6811)FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE AMD64 (x86_64) 
Gateway HandBookOpenBSD 2.2, 2.5, 2.6 
Gateway Solo 400 SD4FreeBSD 5.2 
Gateway Solo 400 SD4FreeBSD 5.2, RedHat 8.0 
Gateway Solo 400 SD4 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.2 
GateWay Solo 1450 [archived link]Linux, FreeBSD 
Gateway Solo 2500FreeBSD 
Gateway Solo 2550 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.0 
Gateway Solo 3350 [archived link]FreeBSD 
Gateway Solo 9100RedHat 4.2, FreeBSD 2.2.1 
Gericom Hummer 2430FreeBSD 5.2.1 
Gericom Webgine XL Force [archived link]Linux, FreeBSD 5.0 
HP OmniBook 4150Debian OpenBSD 2.8 
HP OmniBook 5000CTSOpenBSD 
HP Pavilion ZD 7000Fedora Core 3, Ubuntu 5.04, FreeBSD 6.0 
HP Pavilion ZE 4530US [archived link]FreeBSD 5.1 
HP Pavilion ZT 3312EAFreeBSD 5.4 
HP Pavilion ZV 5000US (aka COMPAQ R3000)FreeBSD 5.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715b  NEW  FreeBSD AMD64 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6710b  NEW  FreeBSD 7 
HP/COMPAQ 6715b  NEW  Debian Lenny, FreeBSD 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ NC6120 [archived link]FreeBSD 
HP/COMPAQ NC6220  NEW  FreeBSD 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX6120FreeBSD 6.x, Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010FreeBSD 5.4German
HP/COMPAQ NX9020 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3 
HP/COMPAQ TC1100Linux 
IBM PC110  NEW  FreeBSDJapanese
IBM ThinkPad 220FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad 230  NEW  FreeBSD 2.2.5Japanese
IBM ThinkPad 240OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad 535 [archived link]  NEW  FreeBSD 2.2, 2.2.1Japanese
IBM ThinkPad 535EFreeBSDJapanese
IBM ThinkPad 560OpenBSD 2.1 
IBM ThinkPad 560 FreeBSD  
IBM ThinkPad 560ZOpenBSD 3.6 
IBM ThinkPad 560Z/600 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8 
IBM ThinkPad 560Z/600 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8Lithuanian
IBM ThinkPad 570  NEW  FreeBSD 5, 6 
IBM ThinkPad 600OpenBSD 2.6, 3.1 
IBM ThinkPad 600OpenBSD 2.9 
IBM ThinkPad 600EFreeBSD 4.7 
IBM ThinkPad 600E  NEW  FreeBSD 6.1 
IBM ThinkPad 701 (ButterFly)FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad 701COpenBSD 3.3 
IBM ThinkPad 701CS [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
IBM ThinkPad 755CFreeBSD 3.1 
IBM ThinkPad 760XLOpenBSD 2.8German
IBM ThinkPad 760XLNetBSD 1.6.2 
IBM ThinkPad A20m  NEW  FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad A20pFreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad A21p [archived link]FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad A22m [archived link]FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad A31pOpenBSD 3.1, 3.4 
IBM ThinkPad i1450 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.6, FreeBSD 3.2, RedHat 5.2 
IBM ThinkPad R32 [archived link]DragonFly BSD 
IBM ThinkPad R32DragonFly BSDSpanish
IBM ThinkPad R40eFreeBSD 5.x 
IBM ThinkPad R50e  NEW  FreeBSD 6.x 
IBM ThinkPad R51 (UN0K6GE)FreeBSDGerman
IBM ThinkPad SL510  NEW  OpenBSD/i386 4.8 
IBM ThinkPad T20OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T20FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T20/T21 [archived link]OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T21  NEW  FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T21FreeBSD 5.4German
IBM ThinkPad T22  NEW  FreeBSD 5.4German
IBM ThinkPad T23 [archived link]OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T23OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T23  NEW  OpenBSD 4.1German
IBM ThinkPad T30  NEW  FreeBSD 4.7 
IBM ThinkPad T40FreeBSD 4.8, RedHat 
IBM ThinkPad T40FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T40FreeBSD 5.1, 5.3, 6.0 
IBM ThinkPad T40pFreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T41FreeBSD 5.x 
IBM ThinkPad T41FreeBSD 4.9Japanese
IBM ThinkPad T41  NEW  FreeBSD 6.1Polish
IBM ThinkPad T41  NEW  NetBSD, Linux 
IBM ThinkPad T41p  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3German
IBM ThinkPad T41p  NEW  FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad T42FreeBSD 5.2.1 
IBM ThinkPad T42FreeBSD 6.x 
IBM ThinkPad T42  NEW  FreeBSD 6 
IBM ThinkPad T43  NEW  FreeBSD 8 
IBM ThinkPad T43  NEW  FreeBSD 7.x 
IBM ThinkPad X20OpenBSD 2.8 
IBM ThinkPad X20OpenBSD, NetBSD 1.6, FreeBSD 4.5, 5.3 
IBM ThinkPad X21  NEW  Debian Etch, FreeBSD 6.0Japanese
IBM ThinkPad X22RedHat 7.2, FreeBSD 4.9 
IBM ThinkPad X22  NEW  NetBSDJapanese
IBM ThinkPad X23FreeBSD 5.X 
IBM ThinkPad X23  NEW  RedHat 9.0, FreeBSD 4.8, 5.1Japanese
IBM ThinkPad X24OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X30 [archived link]OpenBSD 3.2 
IBM ThinkPad X30FreeBSD 5.3 
IBM ThinkPad X31 [archived link]OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X31OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X31FreeBSD 4.8 
IBM ThinkPad X31  NEW  FreeBSD 6.1 
IBM ThinkPad X31  NEW  OpenBSD 4.2German
IBM ThinkPad X40OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X40FreeBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X40  NEW  Ubuntu, OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad X60  NEW  FreeBSD 6.2Japanese
IBM ThinkPad X60  NEW  FreeBSD 8.1 
IBM ThinkPad X60 Tablet  NEW  FreeBSD 6.2 
IBM ThinkPad X60s  NEW  FreeBSD 6.1, 7.2, NetBSD 3.0, Ubuntu 6.06 
IBM ThinkPad X60s  NEW  Ubuntu 7.04, FreeBSD 6.2, 7.0 
IBM ThinkPad X61  NEW  OpenBSD 
IBM ThinkPad Z61p  NEW  FreeBSD 7.x 
IPC MagicNote U [archived link]OpenBSD 
IPC TopNote 5033NetBSD 
JVC MP-XP7250DELinux, OpenBSD 
LinuxCertified LC2210D  NEW  FreeBSD 5.4 
MBO Eurobook 1800+ [archived link]Debian, FreeBSDGerman
Micron TransPort XPERedHat 8.0, FreeBSD 
Micron TransPort ZXOpenBSD 2.8 
Mitac MiNote 6120NMandriva (Mandrake) 7.2, FreeBSD 4.2, 4.4French
NEC PC-9821 Versa Pro NX VP23C/WX AA1 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.3Japanese
NEC PC-9821 Xa7e [archived link]FreeBSD 3.4Japanese
NEC Versa 2635OpenBSD 3.2, Slackware 4.0 
NEC Versa 5080XFreeBSD 
NEC Versa 6050MH [archived link]OpenBSD 2.2 
OQO 01OpenBSD 
OQO 02OpenBSD 
Packard Bell EasyNote GN45-002  NEW  NetBSD 
Panasonic Let's Note AL-N3 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.4Japanese
Panasonic Let's Note CF-B5ER [archived link]FreeBSD 4.5Japanese
Panasonic Let's Note CF-W2FreeBSD 5.1Japanese
Samsung P30  NEW  NetBSDRussian
Samsung X05 XTC1400FreeBSD 
Siemens Scenic Mobile 710 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
SHARP Actius PC-MM1110 (aka MM10)  NEW  OpenBSD 
SHARP Actius PC-UM32W [archived link]FreeBSD 5.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-505 (SR7K)RedHat 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-505FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-505 [archived link]Linux, FreeBSDJapanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505 [archived link]FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-505 [archived link]FreeBSDJapanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505 [archived link]  NEW  FreeBSDJapanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505FXOpenBSD 2.5 
Sony VAIO PCG-505FXRedHat 5.2, FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-505RXFreeBSD 2.2.8Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505RX  NEW  FreeBSD 2.2.8Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505SXFreeBSD 3.3Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505TXFreeBSD 3.5, 4.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 3.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD, Slackware 7.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook)  NEW  OpenBSD 3.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MVP/M (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook)FreeBSD 4.6Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD 4.2Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8, 2.9 
Sony VAIO PCG-747OpenBSD 2.4 
Sony VAIO PCG-F420OpenBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-F580 [archived link]OpenBSD 2.9 
Sony VAIO PCG-FX201 [archived link]OpenBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-FXA32 [archived link]NetBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-GR9/KFreeBSD 4.3Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-GRV99G/PFreeBSD 5.3Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-N505VEFreeBSD 4.4, 6.x 
Sony VAIO PCG-N505VEOpenBSD 2.9 
Sony VAIO PCG-N505VEFreeBSD 4.4 
Sony VAIO PCG-N505VE [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
Sony VAIO PCG-N505X  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3German
Sony VAIO PCG-NVR23 [archived link]Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris 10 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505R/GKFreeBSD 5.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505DL [archived link]FreeBSD 5.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505TE [archived link]FreeBSD 5.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-SR9/KFreeBSD 3.5.1Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-U50/U70Linux, FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-V505EX [archived link]FreeBSD 5.2.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-XG29 [archived link]OpenBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505C/BPSolaris 9, FreeBSD 4.7Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505R [archived link]FreeBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z600REFreeBSD 5.3 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z600TEK [archived link]FreeBSD, BeOS 
Toshiba DynaBook SS S8 210LNLN  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3 
Toshiba DynaBook SS S8 210LNLN  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3Japanese
Toshiba DynaBook TX/2515LDSW [archived link]FreeBSD 4.9Japanese
Toshiba DynaBook Satellite J40 200L/5XFreeBSD 5.4 
Toshiba DynaBook Satellite J40 200L/5XFreeBSD 5.4Japanese
Toshiba Libretto OpenBSD 2.3 
Toshiba Libretto OpenBSD 2.3Japanese
Toshiba Libretto L1NetBSD 
Toshiba Libretto L1 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.0 
Toshiba Libretto L1  NEW  FreeBSDJapanese
Toshiba Libretto L5OpenBSD 
Toshiba Libretto 50CTOpenBSD 2.9 
Toshiba Libretto 50CT, 70CT, 100FreeBSD 4.10 
Toshiba Libretto 70FreeBSD 4.2Japanese
Toshiba Libretto 70CT  NEW  OpenBSD 4.0 
Toshiba Libretto 100CT [archived link]FreeBSD 4.0, RedHat 
Toshiba Libretto 100CTFreeBSD 4.11German
Toshiba Libretto L2TurboLinux, FreeBSD 4.xJapanese
Toshiba Portege 300CT [archived link]OpenBSD 
Toshiba Portege 2000OpenBSD 
Toshiba Portege 2010 [archived link]RedHat 8.0, OpenBSD 
Toshiba Portege 3110CT [archived link]OpenBSD 
Toshiba Portege 3480CT  NEW  OpenBSD 3.9 
Toshiba Portege 3500  NEW  FreeBSD 6.0 
Toshiba Portege 4010FreeBSD 4.6 
Toshiba Portege 4010FreeBSD 4.6French
Toshiba Portege 7020CTDebian, NetBSD 1.5.2, 1.6, OpenBSD 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 
Toshiba Portege 7020CTFreeBSD 4.4 
Toshiba Portege R100FreeBSD 
Toshiba Portege R100  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3 
Toshiba Satellite 110CSDebian 1.3, NetBSD 1.3 
Toshiba Satellite 480CDTNetBSD 
Toshiba Satellite 1005-S157FreeBSD 
Toshiba Satellite 1100-S101  NEW  OpenBSD 
Toshiba Satellite 1110 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.2 
Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103 [archived link]FreeBSD 4.7 
Toshiba Satellite 1710CDS [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8 
Toshiba Satellite 1805-S274 [archived link]FreeBSD 
Toshiba Satellite 2060CDSOpenBSD 2.4, 3.5 
Toshiba Satellite 2100CDS [archived link]RedHat 6.1, OpenBSD 
Toshiba Satellite 2400FreeBSD 4.x, 5.x 
Toshiba Satellite 2545XCDT [archived link]OpenBSD 2.7 
Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201FreeBSD 5.x 
Toshiba Satellite 3000-S304 [archived link]OpenBSD 3.3 
Toshiba Satellite 3005-S304FreeBSD 4.x 
Toshiba Satellite 4030CDTFreeBSD 4.1 
Toshiba Satellite 5100-603FreeBSD 5.2 
Toshiba Satellite A30 [archived link]Debian, FreeBSD 5.4Spanish
Toshiba Satellite A30-YS5 [archived link]Linux, NetBSD, Solaris 10 
Toshiba Satellite A75NetBSD 
Toshiba Satellite L25  NEW  FreeBSD 6.x 
Toshiba Satellite M60-176  NEW  FreeBSD 6.0, Ubuntu 5.10 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 425CDT [archived link]OpenBSD 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 440CDT [archived link]OpenBSD 2.6 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 490CDTSlackware 10.0, FreeBSD 5.3, OS/2 Warp 4 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000Slackware 10.0, FreeBSD 5.4 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100FreeBSD 4.5, 4.8 
Toshiba Tecra 500CS [archived link]OpenBSD 
Toshiba Tecra 720CDT [archived link]OpenBSD 
Toshiba Tecra 8000 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.1 
Toshiba Tecra 8000FreeBSD 

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Centrino Laptops

WLAN Driver

This project aims at supporting the Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100/2200BG/2915ABG network adapters (core components of Intel® Centrino™ technology) under *BSD.


There is also a tool to change video modes listed in your video BIOS to work with the Intel(R) 855GM chipset.

OpenBSD Gains Centrino Power Management

"Theo de Raadt announced support in -current for power management on the Pentium M series of processors. This allows the CPU to be throttled and therefore power saved. Additionally, dhclient was modified so that it is not necessary to find the process of the already-running dhclient and kill it before running dhclient again. This is useful for laptops that spend time roaming between different wireless networks, when dhclient is used fairly often.

NDISulator aka Evil

NDISulator aka Evil offers a FreeBSD NDIS wrapper for the WLAN chipset used in Intel's Centrino technology.


HP Jornada 728NetBSD 
HP Jornada 728NetBSDPortuguese
IBM WorkPad Z50NetBSD 4.8 
IBM WorkPad Z50NetBSD 4.8 
NEC Mobile Pro 780NetBSD 2.0.2 
NEC Mobile Pro 790NetBSD 
NTT DoCoMo SigmarionNetBSDJapanese
NTT DoCoMo SigmarionNetBSDJapanese
Palm Tungsten CFreeBSD 4.8 
SHARP Mobilon HC-4600Linux, NetBSD 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C860OpenBSD 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000 [archived link]OpenBSD 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000OpenBSDItalian
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3x000OpenBSD 4.0 

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Other Resources

  • Warner's Mips based PDA info Center
  • NetBSD/hpcmips brings the NetBSD operating system to MIPS based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the VR4102, VR4111, VR4121, VR4122, VR4131, TX3912, and TX3922 processors are supported.
  • OpenBSD/Cats a port to the StrongARM processor.
  • NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to HITACHI Super-H family based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the sh3 processor is supported.

Mobile Phones

Motorola iDENFreeBSD 
Motorola TimePortLinux, FreeBSD 
Nokia 6310iFreeBSD 
Nokia 6320FreeBSD 
Nokia 7610FreeBSD 
Nokia 8890FreeBSD 
Nokia N70OpenBSDFrench
Novatel Merlin PC-CardFreeBSD 
Novatel Sage PC-CardFreeBSD 
Siemens S55/S56FreeBSD 
SonyEricsson K700iFreeBSD 
SonyEricsson T39FreeBSD 
SonyEricsson T39mOpenBSDLithuanian
SonyEricsson T65 (aka Z1010)FreeBSD 

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Portable Media Players

Apple iPodFreeBSD 
Sony DiskMan PRD-650  NEW  FreeBSDJapanese

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Other Hardware Compatibility Lists - HCLs for Portable Devices

Applications / Drivers


Distribution Specifics

Other Linux and Unix Distributions

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