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MAC OS X and Linux PDAs


Driver for USB networking between Apple Macs running Mac OS X and Sharp Zaurus handhelds.


HOWTO Cross compile Zaurus apps using Apple developer tools on Mac OS.


myPDA, QuantumSTEP

The QuantumSTEP project is designed to run MacOS X applications on the Sharp Zaurus. There is also the myPDA Zaurus Edition, which provides a MacOS X compatible GUI for the Sharp Zaurus.


Osync is intended to sync safari, itunes, ical and address book with Opie.

Opie sync client for Mac OS X

The Opie sync client for Mac OS X provides datebook sync (except recurrences), addressbook sync (as complete as possible) and todolist sync (except recurrences).


The OSXZAURUS site is intended to be a point of reference for those brave souls out there who are trying to use MacOS X with the Linux based Sharp Zaurus PDAs.


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