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Linux on the LG LE50 Express Laptop

Recently I tried to install Ubuntu 7.10 (actually it was Xubuntu 7.10) on my Notebook LG Electronics LE50 Express. I entered the download site and downloaded the latest so called "Desktop-CD". I took this CD and tried to boot my notebook. Unfortunately the screen stayed black. So I booted the machine again in the so called "safe graphics mode" and voila - I got a desktop, but not a proper one. Around 20% of the bottom was not visible. There were only stripes. Nevertheless the notebook worked with the Xubuntu 7.10 Live-CD including sound and WiFi.

Members of the Ubuntu-Forum (DE) told me that it might be better to give the "Alternate-CD" a try. So I did and installed it on my hard disk. Everything worked as expected. My Microsoft-Windows partitions were shrinked and at the end Xubuntu 7.10 was installed on the hard disk.

Now I booted Xubuntu for the first time by selecting it in the Grub boot menu. The machine started and presented the Xubuntu logo with the boot progess bar. At 100% it stopped booting and got frozen. I tried several parameters such as noapic and acpi=off, but I got no desktop.

I took the Desktop-CD again, started the machine with it and then I started the installation again by executing the graphical install program. Surprisingly this worked fine. The machine booted without the Xubuntu logo and I had to wait for around 2 minutes but finally I got the logon window and afterwards a nice XFCE desktop. I was also able to connect to my WiFi. Fortunately, everything looked fine. But unfortunately the machine didn't work stable. It was frozen again after around 30 to 300 minutes, especially when I downloaded some hundred Megabytes from the Internet via my WiFi.

When I started the machine once again, I saw a weird message and I got aware that it was always there when I started the machine: "MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC"

Even after an online update the error message remains on every boot.

I tried again several parameters such as noapic and acpi=off which didn't solve the problem at all.

Another weird thing on this machine is a red light which can be seen through the line out port on the front of the notebook while Xubuntu runs. This light is definetely not on while Microsoft-Windows is used. I sent a support request to LG Electronics Europe, but didn't get an answer so far. But finally I have found out that the red light indicates the usage of the SPDIF port.

After all I must say that Xubuntu 7.10 works poor on my LG-Notebook.


All the above mentioned problems are gone with Ubuntu 8.10.

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This document is a courtesy of Mathias Meister.

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