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Internal and External Webcams on Laptops and Notebooks with Linux

Internal Webcams in Laptops and Notebooks

ACER Aspire 3690  NEW  Novell/SuSE SLED 10 
ACER Aspire 4270  NEW  Ubuntu 7.10 32bit 
ACER Aspire 5634WLMi  NEW  UbuntuItalian
ACER Aspire 5720  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 5920  NEW  SlackwareItalian
ACER Aspire 5920g  NEW  Slackware 12 
ACER Aspire 5920G  NEW  Linux 
ACER Aspire 7520  NEW  Debian LennyGerman
ACER Aspire 7720Z  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 9113  NEW  Linux 
ACER Aspire 9814WKMiKUbuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft, 7.04, Novell/SuSE 11.0 AMD64 (x86_64) 
ACER Aspire One ZG5 Linux *)  NEW  Linpus 
ACER Aspire One ZG5 Linux *)  NEW  LinpusFrench
ACER Extensa 5620  NEW  Debian Lenny 
Apple Macbook Pro 15'' [2006]  NEW  Ubuntu 
ASUS A3827NLPGentoo 
ASUS A6TUbuntu 6.10Italian
ASUS A6000  NEW  Ubuntu 7.10Portuguese
ASUS A8JsGentoo 
ASUS EeePC  NEW  Xandros 
ASUS EeePC 701  NEW  LinuxRussian
ASUS F2JEFedora 7 
ASUS F3JCKUbuntu 6.10 
ASUS G1Gentoo 
ASUS G1  NEW  Ubuntu 
ASUS G1LinuxMint 3.0German
ASUS Z53Jr (aka F3Jr)  NEW  Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10, 8.04 
Bullman V8 CENDUO 15+ (or also IFL90)Debian Lenny 
DELL Inspiron 1520LinuxItalian
DELL Inspiron 1720UbuntuFrench
DELL Latitude D600RedHat 
DELL Inspiron XPS M1710Novell/SuSE 10.1Italian
DELL Vostro 1700Ubuntu 7.10 
Fujitsu-Siemens Celsius H-250  NEW  Ubuntu 7.10German
HP Pavilion DV 2000  NEW  Linux 
HP Pavilion DV 6057EA [archived link]  NEW  Debian 3.1German
HP Pavilion DV 6162EA  NEW  Mandriva (Mandrake) 2007.0 
HP Pavilion DV 6162EA  NEW  KUbuntu 7.04Italian
HP Pavilion DV 6258SE  NEW  Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 6330EA  NEW  Debian 
HP Pavilion DV 6567CL  NEW  Debian Lenny 
HP Pavilion DV 9565EG [archived link]  NEW  Novell/SuSE 10.3German
HP Pavilion DV 9627CLUbuntu 
IBM ThinkPad X300Debian Etch 
Lenovo 3000 N200Ubuntu Gutsy GibbonGerman
MSI Wind U100  NEW  Debian Lenny 
MSI Wind U100 (see Medion Akoya)  NEW  LinuxGerman
Packard Bell EasyNote XS (aka Via Nanobook)  NEW  Debian 4.0r1 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1 (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1 (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1 (PictureBook)Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1F (PictureBook)RedHat 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1F (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MGP  NEW  XUbuntuGerman
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MHP (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MHP (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MHP (PictureBook)RedHat 9.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MRX/MV (PictureBook)RedHat 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MZX (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MV (PictureBook) [archived link]Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1MVP/M (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1V (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook)Mandriva (Mandrake) 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook)Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 3.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VE (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD, Slackware 7.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1V(E/N) (PictureBook)Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VFK (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VFK (PictureBook)  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VG (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook) [archived link]Kondara LinuxJapanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook)Vine LinuxJapanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook)Slackware 7.1, RedHat 7J, Holon Linux 2.0Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook)FreeBSD 4.6Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ (PictureBook) [archived link]FreeBSD 4.2Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VJ/BP (PictureBook)Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VM (PictureBook)Slackware 8.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN (PictureBook) [archived link]Mandriva (Mandrake) 7.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN (PictureBook)Novell/SuSE 7.0German
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN (PictureBook)Mandriva (Mandrake) 7.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VN (PictureBook)Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VRX/K (PictureBook) [archived link]Debian Sarge 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VRX/K (PictureBook) [archived link]  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1X (PictureBook) [archived link]BeOS 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1X (PictureBook) [archived link]Novell/SuSE 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD (PictureBook) [archived link]Mandriva (Mandrake) 7.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD(S) (PictureBook)RedHat 8.0, Fedora Core 7 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD (PictureBook) [archived link]RedHat 7.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD (PictureBook) [archived link]Linux 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XD/XS (PictureBook) [archived link]RedHat 6.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XF (PictureBook)RedHat 7.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook) [archived link]RedHat 6.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook) [archived link]Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook)RedHat 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook)Slackware 9.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1XS (PictureBook) [archived link]OpenBSD 2.8, 2.9 
Sony VAIO PCG-V1XS (PictureBook)Linux 
Sony VAIO VGN-AR21B  NEW  Ubuntu 
Sony VAIO VGN-AR61ZU  NEW  Debian Lenny AMD64 (x86_64)German
Sony VAIO VGN-CR21E  NEW  Debian Lenny AMD64 (x86_64) 
Sony VAIO VGN-FW235J  NEW  Linux 
Sony VAIO VGN-FZ31E  NEW  Ubuntu Hardy Heron 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1XPUbuntu Dapper Drake 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ3  NEW  Ubuntu 7.04 AMD64 (x86_64) 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ5XWN/C [PRINT]  NEW  LinuxGerman
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ6  NEW  ARCHlinux 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ61 MN/B  NEW  Ubuntu 
Zepto zNote 6625WDUbuntu 7.04, 7.10 

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Linux Drivers for Built-In Laptop and Notebook Webcams

External Webcams (for Laptops and Notebooks)

Creative Labs Webcam NXDebian Etch AMD64 (x86_64) 
Creative Labs Webcam NotebookLinux 
Logitech ClickSmart 310Ubuntu FeistyGerman
Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000Ubuntu FeistyGerman
Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks ProRedHat 7.3 
Logitech Quickcam WebLinux 
Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks DeluxeLinux 
Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks DeluxeLinuxGerman
Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks ProDebianGerman
Logitech Webcam for Notebooks ProMandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
Logitech QuickCam Communicate DeLuxeUbuntu 8.10 

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Linux Drivers for External Laptop and Notebook Webcams

Linux Applications for WebCams

  • Want to keep an eye on what's going on in your home or office when you're not there? You can turn a Linux box into a motion detector by using an old webcam and Motion -- software for monitoring a Video4Linux device.
  • ZoneMinder is a set of applications which together provides a complete surveillance solution allowing capture, analysis, recording and monitoring of any cctv cameras attached to a Linux based machine. It is designed to run on distributions which support the Video For Linux (V4L) interface and has been tested with video cameras attached to BTTV cards, various USB cameras and IP network cameras.
  • Here is a walk through the start of building a camera application using gstreamer to access the Nokia N800 device's Webcam.
  • UVCView is a simple USB video camera viewer.
  • guvcview aims at providing a simple GTK interface for capturing and viewing video from devices supported by the linux UVC driver, although it should also work with any v4l2 compatible device. The project is based on luvcview for video rendering, but all controls are build using a GTK2 interface.
  • luvcview is a small video capture program ideal for webcam testing and problem debugging.
  • setpwc allows users to set all settings of a Philips (or compatible) WebCam, including auto-gain-control, color-balance, etc. Settings can be stored to the non- volatile RAM of the Webcam and a dump of the current settings can be retrieved.

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