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Laptop and Notebook Manufacturers - Linux Compatibility Status

This is an overview of more than 150 laptop and notebook manufacturers and their current Linux support status. Unfortunately even in this times of Linux success, support by laptop manufacturers is seldom, or if provided not much helpful. Though the marketing departments of some major manufacturers have announced Linux support for their laptops, it was often not developed or silently dropped. Here is a history of blurb, rumours, vaporware and false alarms concerning Linux laptops. Because of the rapid development (every manufacturer creates new models almost every three months) and the specific hardware of mobile computer devices (see Linux Mobile Guide - Installing, Maintaining and Tuning of Linux on Mobile Computers), it's important to have current and reliable information about the Linux compatibility of laptops and notebooks. Imagine you have bought such an expensive device and it doesn't work perfectly with your favorite operating system. Therefore the survey is accompanied by hints to Linux laptop certifications, independent Linux laptop and notebook vendors and resellers and how to get rid of the "Microsoft Tax". Besides Linux also other UniXes are mentioned and some hints about laptops with other CPUs than from Intel are included. The survey will be updated constantly.

Note: manufacturer links are pointing to the companies websites, for Linux information on specific models see the right column labelled "more". Some manufacturers don't produce laptops anymore or have ceased to exist, but they are still included in this survey.

Manufacturer Manufacturer
Remarks Community
4tiitoo  more
4MBO  more
ABS  more
Acersome models are even (or have been) available with Linux pre-installed more
Acorn  more
Acturion  more
Actina  more
Advent  more
Akia  more
Airis  more
AJP  more
Alcam  more
Aldi see Medionmore
AlienWare  more
Altima  more
Amadeus  more
AmiTech  more
Amrel  more
AMS  more
Angel Computer  more
AOPEN  more
Apple Computer Inc.no more booting alternative OSs?PowerPC, 68000 CPUsmore
Applied Data Systems - ADS  more
Ambra  more
Anadem  more
Aquado  more
Arima  more
Aristo  more
ARM  more
Artist  more
Ashton Digital  more
AST  more
ASMobile  more
ASUSthe pressmay be purchased without operating system, some models are available with AMD CPU and one model is even available with Linux pre-installedmore
AT&T  more
Austin  more
Averatec former Sotecmore
Bacoc  more
Baycom  more
BCOM  more
Beijing Peace East Technology - Porient  more
Belinea  more
BenQ  more
Best  more
BlueGear  more
Broadax  more
Bullman  more
Canon  more
Carapelli  more
CASIO  more
CDC  more
Cebop [archived link]  more
Chaplet Systems  more
Chembook  more
Cherrypal  more
Chicony  more
ChiliGreen  more
ChiTech  more
Clevo  more
Comex  more
Commodore laptops seem to be out of productionmore
Compal OEMmore
Compaqsponsoring of Handhelds.org(fusion with HP in 2002)more
CompuAdd  more
CTX [archived link]  more
CyberNet  more
CyberPower  more
CyberStar  more
Daewoo  more
DataCask  more
Datron  more
DEC  more
DELLDELL, DELL Linux laptop support, the press, some models are even available with Linux pre-installed more
DevonIT  more
Diablo-Computer  more
Dialogue Technology Corp.  more
Digimate  more
Digital  more
Digitek  more
DiTech  more
Dolch  more
DynaNote  more
Edge  more
EliteGroup Computer Systems - ECS (DE)available pre-equipped with Thiz Linux, the pressaka ECSmore
Electrovaya  more
Element Computerpre-equipped with Lycoris Desktop/LX Tablet Edition more
Elonex  more
ELV  more
eMachines  more
EmperorLinux  more
EmtecManufacturer pre-install Linux, Microsoft operating systems are not available for the MIPS-CPU. more
Enface  more
Enpower  more
EPS  more
Escom  more
EuroCom  more
Everex  more
Evesham see Hi-Grademore
Faet  more
Falcon  more
First International Computer, Inc. - FIC  more
Fosa  more
FTec  more
Fujitsu (US) some models are available with CRUSOE CPU by TransMeta, the pressmore
Fujitsu-SiemensFujitsu-Siemens more
FutureCast  more
FutureTech  more
Gateway  more
General Dynamics Itronix  more
GEO Mobile Computer  more
Gericom see also Targa, some models are available with CRUSOE CPU by TransMetamore
Getac  more
Giga-Byte  more
Gooroo  more
GreenBell Systems Inc.  more
GRiD Computer Systems Inc.  more
Haier  more
Halikan  more
Hasee  more
Hercules  more
Hi-Grade  more
Hitachi  more
Hitron  more
Hewlett-Packard - HPHP - Linux Support, IrDA and Wireless LAN support by Jean Tourrilhes - HP Labs, a paper from HP with installation instructions for Linux running on nc4200, tc4200, nc6110, nc6120, nx6110, nx6120, nc6220, nc6230, nc8230, and nx8220 [PDF], the presssome models are even (or have been) available with Linux pre-installedmore
Hewlett-Packard - HP COMPAQ  more
HTC  more
Hunday  more
Hyrican (Schneider)  more
HyperData  more
HyperSonic  more
Lenovo (former IBM)some ThinkPad models are certified by SuSE, ACP modem (Mwave) drivers, the press, some models are even available with Linux pre-installed more
Ideaprogress  more
Inetech  more
InsightSolutionsavailable pre-equipped with LindowsOS more
Integral  more
Inventec  more
IPC ArchTec  more
iRu  more
Issam  more
Jet  more
Jetta  more
Jewel  more
JVC  more
Kapok  more
KDS  more
Keynux  more
Kontron  more
KTX  more
Lap-Top SuperStore  more
Lifetec  more
Legend (Levono)  more
Lenovo  more
Lemote  more
LG Electronics  more
Lifetec  more
Linarepre-installed Linux more
LinComppre-installed Linux more
LinuxCertifiedpre-installed Linux more
Lion  more
Lynx  more
Macom  more
MaxData  more
MaxSelect manufacturer sells laptops with ALT Linux pre-installed, but at least one TuxMobil visitor states that Linux support is bad more
MaxTech  more
MBO  more
Mecer  more
Media Markt  more
Medion see also ASUSmore
Micron PC - MPC  more
Micro\CE  more
MicroPoint  more
MicroStar International - MSI in Germany Medion owns the trademark MicroStarmore
Mitac  more
Mitsubishi  more
Mitsumi  more
MotionComputing  more
Movita  more
M-Tech  more
MyBook  more
MyNote  more
NatureTech [archived link] SPARC CPUs, available with Solarismore
NCR  more
NEC  more
NeoWare  more
Nexoc  more
Nextcomputing  more
NorhTec  more
NorthGate  more
NoteBookProgresssee IdeaProgress above more
NovaTech  more
National SemiConductor - NSC  more
Odys  more
Oki  more
Olidata  more
Olivetti laptops seem to be out of productionmore
One  more
One Laptop Per Child - OLPC  more
OQO  more
PaceBlademanufacturer support more
Packard Bell  more
Palmax  more
Panasonic  more
PeaCock  more
PegoCom  more
Pepper  more
Philips  more
Pico  more
Pioneer Computers Australia  more
PolyWell  more
PowerNoteBooks  more
Prestigio  more
ProMedion  more
ProStar  more
QDI  more
Quanta  more
Quantex  more
R Cubed  more
Ricoh  more
Rockdirect  more
Rockiger  more
RODA  more
RoverBook  more
Rugged Notebooks  more
Sager  more
Samsung  more
Santech  more
SavRow  more
Sceptre  more
Schenker  more
SEH  more
Sharp  more
Shinada  more
Siemens laptops seem to be out of production, but see Fujitsu-Siemensmore
Siemens-Nixdorf  more
SmartBook see Issammore
Smart-Tec  more
Smilebook  more
SonicBlue  more
Sony some models are available with AMD CPU, some models are available with CRUSOE CPU by TransMetamore
Sotec  more
Stone Computers  more
StoS  more
Sun MicroSystems  more
Sylvania  more
System76  more
Systemax  more
TabletKiosk  more
Tadpolethe pressx86 as well as SPARC CPUs (Solaris), PA-RISC CPUs (HP-UX) refurbished systems on demand onlymore
Targa see also Gericommore
Tarox  more
Tatung  more
TheLinuxStore  more
Texas-Instruments - TI laptops seem to be out of production, but see ACERmore
TidalPower  more
TsingHua TongFang (THTF)  more
Topline  more
ToshibaToshiba Linux Support (JP), the press more
TPG  more
Transmonde  more
Transtec some models are available with Linux pre-equipped, or without pre-installed OSmore
Tulip  more
Tuxfarm  more
Twinhead  more
UMAX  more
Uniwill  more
UPI  more
Velocity Micro  more
Versiya  more
ViewSonicpre-installed Linux more
Viglen  more
Vobis  more
Vodoo  more
vpr Matrix  more
Waibel GmbH  more
Walmart  more
Winbook  more
WiPro  more
WistronOEM more
Wortmann offered a pre-equipped Linux laptop in Germany in 2001, see also ASUS, the pressmore
Xephi  more
Xeron  more
Xplore TechnologiesOEM more
Xybernaut  more
Yakumo  more
ZaReason  more
Zenith Data Systems laptops seem to be out of productionmore
Zepto  more
Zhongke Menglang Electronics - ZKML  more
Zitech  more
Zonbu  more
@Book  more

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