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Linux on Digital Picture Frames Made from Broken Laptops or Notebooks

DPFs Based on Laptops and Notebooks

ASUS Eee PC 701 2G  NEW  Ubuntu 8.10 
CTX EzBookMaking your own digital picture frame from an old laptop (FreeBSD 4.8).
DELL Inspiron 3000How to resurrect an old laptop as a digital picture frame Debian.
DELL Inspiron 6400  NEW  Ubuntu 10.04 
Digital HiNote VP575How to build a digital picture frame, includes dissection pictures (DamnSmallLinux).
Fujitsu LifeBook E-6595Digital Picture Frame - DPF that syncs with a central server (DamnSmallLinux).
DELL Inspiron 3000 [archived link]From garbage to picture frame, conversion of an old laptop (DamnSmallLinux).
Fujitsu Stylistic 3400S  NEW  Linux
HP OmniBook XE 2  NEW  Linux 
HP OmniBook XE 3  NEW  Puppy Linux 
HP Pavilion DV 1000  NEW  Ubuntu
HP/COMPAQ NC4010The procedure for building a custom digital picture frame explained: disassemble the laptop, remove all unnecessary components, cram the rest into a picture frame.
IBM ThinkPad 560/560ECase Mod: Digital Picture Frame. A complete and illustrated assembly guide.
IBM ThinkPad 770  NEW  Linux 
IBM ThinkPad 770E  NEW  Ubuntu 8.10
IBM ThinkPad i1400  NEW  Debian 
Sony VAIO PCG-505SNA digital picture frame running Linux. Schematics for a nice wooden case (Linux).
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505JSThe goal of this project is to turn an old laptop into a digital photo frame with more features than a normal digital picture frame has (Ubuntu 7.10.
Toshiba Portege 2000  NEW  Ubuntu
Toshiba Portege 3480CT  NEW  An IrisFrame Debian.
Toshiba SatelliteeFrame: Learn how to build your own digitial picture frame from scratch (Novell/SuSE 9.1).

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DPFs Based on PDAs

Apple iPod Video 5th GenerationiFrame: a picture frame based on a portable media player.

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Applications and Tools


FlickrFrame is a set of Perl scripts that allow you to turn a standard Linux distribution into digital picture frame connected to Flickr.com. Users can "subscribe" to any number of Flickr photosets, which will then be displayed as a slide show.


Slideshow is a kiosk-style application for showing text, image, and video in a loop on monitors and projectors. It is not meant for situations where interactive control is required, but when the content is continuously looping for a long time. The content is updated through a Web GUI. The application is split into two packages, the backend and frontend. The backend is written in C++ and OpenGL. and the frontend uses Python. Currently. the frontend is very GNU/Linux specific and will not run on any other platform, but is meant to be as platform independent as possible, as long as it handles OpenGL.


GNOME Photo Frame is a photo frame gadget for the GNOME desktop. It shows pictures on the desktop from multiple sources: local folders, F-Spot databases, Flickr API, Picasa Web Album API, Tumblr API, FaceBook and RSS.

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