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Linux on Mobile Computers in Russian

Are you looking for installation reports in Russian about Linux on laptops, notebooks or PDAs? Do you need information in Russian about Linux connectivity and compatibility with mobile (cellular) phones or portable audio and video players? Here are links to documentation in Russian. You are welcome to submit your own guides, too.

Laptops and Notebooks

ASUS A6000VMGentooRussian
IBM ThinkPad 600ELinuxRussian
IBM ThinkPad A22p  NEW  ALT Linux Master 2.4 
MaxSelect Mission A330  NEW  Debian, ALT LinuxRussian
RoverBook Voyager KT5LinuxRussian
Samsung 300v5a-s19Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04Russian

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sorry no entry yetLinuxRussian

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Cyrillic Keyboards Apps for Linux PDAs

These applications are capable to run a Cyrillic soft keyboard:




Cyrillic Fonts - Cyrillic Unicode Fonts with Antialiasing

Sha-rk Russian Localization project for the SHARP Zaurus

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Alcatel OneTouch 535LinuxRussian
Siemens S55LinuxRussian
SonyEricsson T68LinuxRussian
Motorola V66 (and others)LinuxRussian
Nokia 6230LinuxRussian

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General Resources

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