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Linux on Mobile Computers in Polish

Are you looking for installation reports in Polish about Linux on laptops, notebooks or PDAs? Do you need information in Polish about Linux connectivity and compatibility with mobile (cellular) phones or portable audio and video players? Here are links to documentation in Polish. You are welcome to submit your own guides, too.


ACER Aspire 3025WLMi  NEW  GentooPolish
ACER Aspire 5002WLMi [archived link]  NEW  LinuxPolish
Apple Macbook Pro 15.4''  NEW  LinuxPolish
Apple Macbook Pro 15.4''  NEW  LinuxPolish
ASUS M2400N  NEW  DebianPolish
Compal EDL71 (aka Aristo Smart 400, Compal DL71, ChemiBook 2071, Xpression DL71 Mecer, BOLData DL71, Trend DL71, ATOMIK Action DL71, Jetbook 9600, Crown P 10:6, (NBC-034) Tangent Shuttle 8900, RoverBook Navigator W511)DebianPolish
Compal IFL90+DebianPolish
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A  NEW  FreeBSD 5.3Polish
HP OmniBook 5700CTXSlackwarePolish
HP OmniBook XE 2  NEW  LinuxPolish
HP/COMPAQ NX9005  NEW  DebianPolish
IBM ThinkPad 600  NEW  LinuxPolish
IBM ThinkPad T20  NEW  DebianPolish
IBM ThinkPad T41  NEW  FreeBSD 6.1Polish
LinuxCertified LC2410RedHat 9.0Polish

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Mitac Mio 168 (aka Bluemedia PDB 255, Yakumo Delta 300GPS)  NEW  LinuxPolish
Nokia 770 Internet TabletLinuxPolish

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How to configure OPIE to a Polish enviroment.

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Nokia 6310iSlackwarePolish
Nokia 6630LinuxPolish
Siemens S55  NEW  LinuxPolish

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