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Are you looking for installation reports in Finnish about Linux on laptops, notebooks or PDAs? Do you need information in Finnish about Linux connectivity and compatibility with mobile (cellular) phones or portable audio and video players? Here are links to documentation in Finnish. You are welcome to submit your own guides, too.

Laptops and Notebooks

COMPAQ Armada 1573D(http://www.servut.us/L337/index.php?sivu=linux)  NEW  RedHat 7.3
COMPAQ Evo N1015v(http://www.merlintreks.com/kyla/sosiaalinen2/linuxfedora3asennus.htm)  NEW  Fedora Core 3
DELL Inspiron 1100 [archived link]Ubuntu 5.1
DELL Latitude D600(http://db.cs.helsinki.fi/~jhuhta/dell-d600-linux.html)Fedora Core 3
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A(http://www.jrcomplex.fi/jrnet_GPRS.html)  NEW  Fedora Core 3
IBM ThinkPad 770E(http://wiki.ubuntu-fi.org/aanet_IBM_ThinkPad_770E-lle)  NEW  Ubuntu

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Mobile (Cellular) Phones

SonyEricsson T630(http://www.jrcomplex.fi/jrnet_GPRS.html)  NEW  Fedora Core 3

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General Resources

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