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Linux on Mobile Computers: Chinese Guides

Are you looking for installation reports in Chinese about Linux on laptops, notebooks or PDAs? Do you need information in Chinese about Linux connectivity and compatibility with mobile (cellular) phones or portable audio and video players? Here are links to documentation in Chinese. You are welcome to submit your own guides, too.

Laptops and Notebooks

Apple iBook2.2  NEW  DebianChinese
Apple Macbook  NEW  DebianChinese
ASUS A8TC  NEW  Fedora 7Chinese
COMPAQ Presario C700  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
COMPAQ Presario M2009AP  NEW  Novell/SuSE 9.1, Ubuntu 5.04, 5.10Chinese
COMPAQ Presario V3500  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
COMPAQ Presario V3700  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 300M [archived link]  NEW  Fedora Core 3Chinese Simplified
DELL Inspiron 300M [archived link]  NEW  Fedora Core 3Chinese Traditional
DELL Inspiron 700M [archived link]Slackware 10.1Chinese
DELL Inspiron 1420RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1520RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1521RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1525RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1526RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1720RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 1721RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron 9400 (E1705)RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron B130/1300RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron E1405/640MRedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron E1505RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Inspiron XPS M1210RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude 131LRedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D420RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D430RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D520RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D531RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D620RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D630RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D631RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D820RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Latitude D830RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Precision M4300RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Precision M6300RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Vostro 1000RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Vostro 1400RedFlag LinuxChinese
DELL Vostro 1500RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP 500  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP 520  NEW  RedFlag Linux 5.0Chinese
HP Pavilion DV 2600  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6510b  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6515b  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6520s  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6710b  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6710s  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6715b  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6715s  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6720s  NEW  RedFlag LinuxChinese
IBM ThinkPad 570 [archived link]LinuxChinese
IBM ThinkPad T20 [archived link]LinuxChinese
IBM ThinkPad T20  NEW  DebianChinese
IBM ThinkPad T23  NEW  Slackware 11.0Chinese
IBM ThinkPad T23 [archived link]DebianChinese
IBM ThinkPad T43  NEW  GentooChinese
IBM ThinkPad X24  NEW  Fedora Core 6Chinese
LinuxCertified LC2410RedHat 9.0Chinese

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DIGITIMES: Taiwan's makers test markets with Linux-based notebooks

"Taiwan's notebook makers, including Asustek Computer and Elitegroup Computer Systems - ECS , have started marketing low-cost Linux-based notebooks in the US market [...] [they] will also promote their value notebooks in China, where the Chinese government is encouraging the adoption of Linux-based PCs .."

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Sorry no entry, yet.LinuxChinese

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SHARP Zaurus SL-7500C [archived link]LinuxChinese

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Since I do not speak Chinese myself, please contact me in English if you want to provide updates for this page.

Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>

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