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TuxMobil: Linux With Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs, Mobile Phones, PMPs, eBooks, GPS & Wearables

TuxMobil is dedicated to Linux and Mobile Computers. It leads you to a lot of useful hands-on information, HOWTOs, and FAQs about installing and running Linux, BSD, Solaris and other unixlike operating systems on laptops, notebooks, handhelds, PDAs, mobile cellular phones, portable music and video players, eBooks, GPS navigation devices, wearables and other portable computer gadgets.

You may find free helpful tips and tricks at the Linux-Mobile-Guide and the Linux-Infrared-HOWTO, a compatibility survey of supported PCMCIA/CF cards, other mobile hardware surveys, a survey of laptop manufacturers and their Linux status, software for mobile computers.

Want to subscribe to current news? Try the TuxMobil News RDF/RSS channel with daily news about Linux with laptops, notebooks, PDAs and mobile (cellular) phones.

Want to buy a laptop, notebook, cellphone or PDA with Linux pre-installed? Here is an international survey of Linux laptop, notebook and PDA vendors.

Looking for books for mobile Linux nomads? Here you may find a selection of interesting books about wireless LANs, batteries for mobile computers, laptop and notebook repair, modern mobile culture and much more.

Additionally there is some fun stuff with Tux and friends on mobile computers and jokes about mobile computers.

Differents formats are available:
· access for i-mode(tm) phones http://tuxmobil.org/i/
· access for PDAs http://tuxmobil.org/z/
· access for WAP phones http://wap.tuxmobil.org/

See here for non-English resources about Linux on mobile computers in different languages.

For even more information see the navigation bar above, the TuxMobil search box the TuxMobil A-Z index or the TuxMobil sitemap.

See also Laptopical and Repair4Laptop: Do-It-Yourself Laptop and Notebook Upgrading, Modding and Repairing Guides. Buy computer accessories from TradeTang.

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