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Kernel 2.4 runs fine.


The 14" model comes with 32MB memory. Here is the memory output:

roger:/home/users/rog# cat /proc/meminfo 
        total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
Mem:  30371840 29356032  1015808  5849088  2097152 11161600
Swap: 69668864 12025856 57643008
MemTotal:     29660 kB
MemFree:        992 kB
MemShared:     5712 kB
Buffers:       2048 kB
Cached:       10900 kB
SwapTotal:    68036 kB
SwapFree:     56292 kB

If you want to use some more memory (up to 256MB are possible) you have to set append="mem=<Memory - 1MB>M" in the /etc/lilo.conf.


The 3-button mouse works with X.

Pointing Stick

The pointing stick can be moved upwards and downwards. It replaces the left mouse button (one click down) and scrolling, by pushing down and moving it.


Sound is not configured, but is known to work.


Doesn't work.


APM works fine but is disabled with this machine. In console mode hibernation doesn't work well, but maybe this can be configured better. This doesn't occur, when using X.


The battery lasts approximately 3 hours.

Docking Station

This laptop comes with a docking station, which looks actually like a port replicator. But it has some more features:

serial port
2 PS2 ports
sound output
Kensington slot for a cable lock
power in
floppy disk
VGA connector

There is even a selectable anti PCMCIA thief device: a stick that raises in front of the PCMCIA slot preventing the card's removal.

When the laptop is in its replicator station you just have to turn a key in order to secure it in it's docking station and with the cable lock in place you may think that you are safe.

Unfortunately the Replicator station's lock is a kind of "motivation lock", this is just a toy that can be opened without the keys in at most 2 minutes.

Manufacturer Support

This is the IBM support page for the TP770(http://www.pc.ibm.com/support?lang=en_US&doctype=Product+information&subtype=Cat&page=brand&menu=subtype&brand=IBM+ThinkPad&family=IBM+ThinkPad%7CThinkPad+770&machineType=&subtype=All), it is huge.

Hard Disk

To improve the settings of the hard disk or check an IBM hard disk you may try the IBM Hard Disk Utils(http://www.storage.ibm.com/hdd/support/download.htm). Parts work even with non IBM hard disks.

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