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Linux Laptop & Notebook Installation Guides: HP COMPAQ

Linux installation and configuration guides for laptops and notebooks made by Hewlett-Packard - HP. Compatibility reports about running other Unix systems e.g. BSD, Solaris are welcome, too. And don't miss the resource section at the bottom, containing links to applications, tools, utilities, drivers, community portals, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written an installation tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

HP/COMPAQ 610Novell/SuSE 11.1German
HP/COMPAQ 2510pKUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ 2510pUbuntu 7.10 
HP/COMPAQ 2510pGentoo 
HP/COMPAQ 2510pKUbuntu 8.04 
HP/COMPAQ 2510pUbuntu 6.06 LTS 
HP/COMPAQ 2710pKUbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ 2710pGentoo 
HP/COMPAQ 2710p  NEW  Ubuntu 7.10, 8.04 
HP/COMPAQ 6510bUbuntu 7.10German
HP/COMPAQ 6510bARCHlinux 
HP/COMPAQ 6510bRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6510b  NEW  Novell/SuSEGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6510bAptoSIDGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6515bRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6520sRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6530b  NEW  LinuxCzech
HP/COMPAQ 6710bGentoo 2007.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6710bUbuntu Feisty, Gutsy 
HP/COMPAQ 6710bDebianFrench
HP/COMPAQ 6710bKUbuntu Gutsy Gibbon 
HP/COMPAQ 6710bUbuntu Feisty Fawn 
HP/COMPAQ 6710bRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6710bFreeBSD 7 
HP/COMPAQ 6710sRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6715bFreeBSD AMD64 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715bDebianGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6715bUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ 6715bKUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ 6715bDebian Lenny, FreeBSD 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715bRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6715bGentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6715sUbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6715sGentoo 2007.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715sGentoo 2007.0Italian
HP/COMPAQ 6715sRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6720s (GR644ET)Ubuntu Gutsy GibbonGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6720sNovell/SuSE 10.3German
HP/COMPAQ 6720sUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ 6720sUbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6720sRedFlag LinuxChinese
HP/COMPAQ 6730b  NEW  Debian 5.0 Lenny 
HP/COMPAQ 6910pUbuntu 7.10 
HP/COMPAQ 6910pFedora 8 
HP/COMPAQ 6910pUbuntu 8.04 
HP/COMPAQ 8510pDebianFrench
HP/COMPAQ 8510wKUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ 8510wFedora 7 
HP/COMPAQ 8510wDebian Lenny AMD64 (x86_64) 
HP/COMPAQ NC2400Novell/SuSE SLED 10 
HP/COMPAQ NC2400KUbuntu Edgy 
HP/COMPAQ NC2400 [PRINT]Novell/SuSE 10.2German
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Ubuntu 4.10 
HP/COMPAQ NC4000Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NC4010Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NC4010 [archived link]Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4010 [archived link]DebianFrench
HP/COMPAQ NC4010Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC4010  NEW  Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC4200 [PRINT]UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC4200 [PRINT]UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC4200 [archived link]Fedora 
HP/COMPAQ NC4200Ubuntu 6.06German
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Fedora Core 2 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Mandriva (Mandrake)French
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Fedora Core 1 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Fedora Core 5 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000  NEW  Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6110, NC6120, NC6220Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6120 [PRINT]UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC6120 *) [PRINT]UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC6120Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC6120Fedora Core 4, Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper DrakeGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC6120Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6220Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NC6220DebianGerman
HP/COMPAQ NC6220FreeBSD 7.0 
HP/COMPAQ NC6230Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC6230 [archived link]Novell/SuSE 10.0 
HP/COMPAQ NC6230Ubuntu 7.04 
HP/COMPAQ NC6320Debian Etch 
HP/COMPAQ NC6400KUbuntu Edgy 
HP/COMPAQ NC6400Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC6400Fedora Core 6Italian
HP/COMPAQ NC6400Ubuntu 7.04German
HP/COMPAQ NC6400Ubuntu 7.04 
HP/COMPAQ NC8000 [archived link]Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC8000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC8000Fedora Core 2 
HP/COMPAQ NC8230Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary 
HP/COMPAQ NC8230Fedora Core 4 
HP/COMPAQ NC8430Novell/SuSE 10.1, Ubuntu 6.06 
HP/COMPAQ NC8430Fedora Core 6 
HP/COMPAQ NC8430Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 
HP/COMPAQ NC8430Ubuntu 7.04 
HP/COMPAQ NW8000Fedora Core 3 
HP/COMPAQ NW8000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NW8240Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NW8240Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NW8240Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NW8420 [archived link]Fedora Core 5 
HP/COMPAQ NW8440Fedora Core 5 
HP/COMPAQ NW9440Novell/SuSE 10.2 
HP/COMPAQ NW9440Ubuntu 10.4German
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Fedora Core 2 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Novell/SuSE 9.2German
HP/COMPAQ NX5000 [archived link]Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Novell/SuSE 9.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Novell/SuSE 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Solaris 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Server Optimized Linux 18.00 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000Fedora Core 2 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110 [archived link]Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110Fedora Core 4,5,6 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110DebianItalian
HP/COMPAQ NX6110Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110Novell/SuSE 9.3, 10.1German
HP/COMPAQ NX6110DebianGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6110Ubuntu 7.04 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110 (EK106ES)ARCHlinux, Ubuntu Edgy Eft 
HP/COMPAQ NX6120Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX6120FreeBSD 6.x, Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6120Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NC6120 [archived link]FreeBSD 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Ubuntu 5.10Spanish
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooRussian
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125 (PY421EA)KUbuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Ubuntu 6.06 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Debian SargeGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Debian Sarge 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125 [archived link]Debian EtchGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo, Novell/SuSE 10.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125LinuxRussian
HP/COMPAQ NX6125UbuntuFrench
HP/COMPAQ NX615Ubuntu 8.04 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Debian Sarge AMD64 (x86_64) 
HP/COMPAQ NX6310 EY372ETDebian 
HP/COMPAQ NX6310 EY374ETUbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6310Ubuntu, Novell/SuSE 10.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX6310Novell/SuSE 10.2 
HP/COMPAQ NX6310Novell/SuSE 10.2, 11.3German
HP/COMPAQ NX6310UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6310Kurumin LinuxSpanish
HP/COMPAQ NX6310Ubuntu 6.06 LTS 
HP/COMPAQ NX6310UbuntuGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6320Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX6320DebianSpanish
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Novell/SuSE 10.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Fedora Core 5 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Novell/SuSE 10.1, 10.2 x86_64, 10.3 AMD64 (x86_64)German
HP/COMPAQ NX6325 [archived link]Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325KUbuntu Feisty Fawn 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325 [PRINT]Novell/SuSE 10.2German
HP/COMPAQ NX6325KUbuntu Edgy EftGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Debian 4.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325DebianItalian
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Novell/SuSE 11.0, Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04German
HP/COMPAQ NX7000Mandriva (Mandrake) 9.2French
HP/COMPAQ NX7000RedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 1 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000LinuxGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX7000RedHat 9.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Fedora Core 2 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Fedora Core 3 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010 [archived link]Novell/SuSE 9.2 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010FreeBSD 5.4German
HP/COMPAQ NX7010FrugalWare Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX7300Fedora Core 6Italian
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Ubuntu 6.06 LTS 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Fedora Core 6 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Debian 4.0 Etch 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400 [archived link]Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX7400Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX8220Slackware 10.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX8220DebianItalian
HP/COMPAQ NX8220Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NX8220Novell/SuSE 10.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX8220Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9000Debian 3.0, 31 
HP/COMPAQ NX9000 [archived link]GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX9000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9000Solaris 9Japanese
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Debian 3.0 (Woody) 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005DebianPolish
HP/COMPAQ NX9005 [archived link]Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Slackware 9.1Italian
HP/COMPAQ NX9005 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Slackware 10.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Novell/SuSE 9.1German
HP/COMPAQ NX9010 [archived link]RedHat 9.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX9010 [archived link]Debian SargeHungarian
HP/COMPAQ NX9020 [archived link]Debian 3.1 
HP/COMPAQ NX9020 [archived link]FreeBSD 5.3 
HP/COMPAQ NX9105 [archived link]Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.0, Novell/SuSE 9.1Turkish
HP/COMPAQ NX9105 [archived link]Slackware 10.0Turkish
HP/COMPAQ NX9105Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9105Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9105Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX9110Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX9110Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NX9110Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX9119Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420 [archived link]GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX9600 [archived link]Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ TC1100 [archived link]Fedora Core 1 
HP/COMPAQ TC1100Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1, 2006 
HP/COMPAQ TC1100Debian 
HP/COMPAQ TC1100Linux 
HP/COMPAQ TC4200 [archived link]Ubuntu 
HP/COMPAQ TC4400Novell/SuSE 10.1, 10.2 
HP/COMPAQ TC4400  NEW  Ubuntu 8.04.1 

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Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM

If you are looking for drivers, software and service manuals for laptops and notebooks you may sometimes find similar models branded under a different name. Especially the FCC-ID can be helpful to detect the original manufacturer.

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