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How to Remove a MicroSoft Label or Sticker from a Laptop or Notebook Case

Did you have successfully avoided the Microsoft Tax? Are you eager to remove the Microsoft Windows* Sticker with the Microsoft Windows* Label from your laptop or notebook? Here are some methods to remove the Microsoft Windows* Logo. (Pictures will follow hopefully soon).

Method One: Removing the Microsoft Label with a Pair of Tweezers

You need a good pair of tweezers to carefully remove the Microsoft label. If there is still some remaining glue, you may remove it with acetone. Acetone is usually the main part of nail-varnish remover, so you may use that instead. Attention: please make sure the acetone will not destroy the painting of your laptop or notebook. Test how it works on a part where it does not matter.

David Merriman wrote: "I have gotten excellent results - with much less expense or danger to plastics - by using ordinary cigarette lighter fluid (naphtha). It also works on almost any other labe adhesive, too."

Method Two: Using an Electric Hair-Dryer to Detach the Microsoft Label

You may apply some heat to the Microsoft label, e.g. using an electric hair-dryer. This will loosen the connection between the laptop or notebook surface and the label. Attention: please make sure the heat will not destroy the painting of your laptop or notebook. Test how it works on a part where it does not matter.

Method Three: Cover the Microsoft-Label with a "Powered-By-Linux" Sticker

If you do not dare to remove the Microsoft label, you may cover the Microsoft label with a sticker of your choice, e.g. a "Powered-By-Linux" sticker. Here are some other laptop moddings with stickers. Attention: please make sure the new sticker will not be to thick to destroy the laptop or notebook case, e.g. in case you have attached it below the lid.

Method Four: Use a Plastic Eraser

Tabitha Bradley wrote: "I was able to peel the metal sticker off and there was almost no sticky residue, but I was able to use a white plastic eraser to get the little that remained off, and there was no damage to the finish of the laptop."

Method Five: Use Olive Oil and Soap

To whom the above mentioned approaches seems to risky, here is a simple trick with things you can find in almost every kitchen. The sticky residue can be removed with kitchen paper with a tiny drop of olive oil. Step two is to remove the olive oil with kitchen paper and a gentle soap. Use a few drops of liquid from a surface cleaner spray on kitchen paper for furniture which is gentle way to remove fat.

Recycling the Microsoft-Label

Ever thought of recycling the label for something more useful? Please let me know your suggestions. Here are the ideas I have got so far:

  • Stick the "Designed for MS Windows" label to your favorite trashcan.

How to make Linux Foil Stickers

Here is a do-it-yourself foilsticker manual for Debian/GNU Linux stickers.

Free Linux Stickers

Commercial Linux Stickers

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