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The Linux-Mobile-Guide is a guide for users of Linux and laptops, notebooks, PDAs and other mobile computers. This guide was former known as Linux-Laptop-HOWTO but was now extended to cover Linux and mobile computer devices in general (laptops, PDAs, mobile cell phones, digital cameras, calculators, wearables, ...). These devices are different from desktop/tower computers. They use certain hardware such as PCMCIA cards, infrared and BlueTooth ports, batteries, docking stations. Hardware parts cannot be changed as easily as in a desktops, e.g. the graphics card. Often their hardware is more limited (e.g. disk space, CPU speed).

Hardware support for Linux (and other operating systems) on mobile devices is sometimes more limited (e.g. graphics chips, internal modems). They often use specialized hardware, hence finding a driver can be more difficult. Many times they are used in changing environments, so there is a need for multiple configurations and additional security strategies. The Linux-Mobile-Guide explains installation methods for laptops and PDAs and configurations for different (network) environments, security issues for portable computers and much more. TuxMobil is the origin of the Linux-Mobile-Guide and provides always the latest issue available for download.

 NEW   v3.22 12 December 2011

Download of TGZ archives with Microsoft applications: Newer versions of WinZip are able to unpack the TGZ format. If you prefer a free and GPLed tool, take 7-Zip.


  • Tito Rizzo has done the Italian translation of the predecessor of the Linux-Mobile-Guide, the Linux-Laptop-HOWTO

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