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The Linux-Infrared-HOWTO (former known as IR-HOWTO) deals with Linux and infrared devices. These are usually IrDA(TM)(http://www.irda.org/) capable devices, but also LIRC(http://www.lirc.org/) (Linux Infrared Remote Control) is covered. Attention: the new 2.6 Kernel series contains substantial changes to the IrDA subsystem, which are not covered in detail in the HOWTO. TuxMobil is the origin of the Linux-InfraRed-HOWTO and has the latest issue available for download.

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Download of TGZ archives with Microsoft applications: Newer versions of WinZip(http://www.winzip.com/) are able to unpack the TGZ format. If you prefer a free and GPLed tool, take 7-Zip(http://www.7-zip.org/).

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