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A survey of applications and conversion tools between a conventional PDA operating system (only PalmOS yet, WinCE/Pocket PC and Epoc will follow hopefully) and a Linux PDA (COMPAQ iPAQ, SHARP SL-5500 Zaurus, Samsung YOPY).

Any PDA Linux PDA Conversion Tools
Palm: Standard PIM datebk(http://www.pimlicosoftware.com), Agendus (aka ActionNames)(http://www.iambic.com/english/palmos/agendus/default.html) Standard PIM KOrganizer(http://korganizer.kde.org/), tkcSuite(http://thekompany.com), Opie p2z, most 3rd party software on the palm uses the standard databases - only extra information, e.g. icons may be lost on the above approach 3rd party software on Zaurus may use its own database?
KDE Pocket PC Contacts Import(http://www.jardino.nildram.co.uk/) lets you import your Windows CE (or PocketPC) contacts into KDE's address book.
Password Managers
Pocket PC: e-wallet SafeDee(http://www.bundu.com/zaurus.html) (commercial) SafeDee(http://www.bundu.com/zaurus.html) (commercial) has the same function as ZSafe(http://z-soft.z-portal.info/zsafe/) and keyring(http://www.scrypt.net/~celer/kweb/) . SafeDee(http://www.bundu.com/zaurus.html) (commercial) can also import text files
Palm: strip(http://www.zetetic.net/) and many others ZSafe(http://z-soft.z-portal.info/zsafe/) keyring(http://www.scrypt.net/~celer/kweb/) Strip2Zsafe, both Zaurus tools have an import function for textfiles so if your Palm tool supports export to text a conversion should be easy
E-book Readers
Palm: Plucker(http://plkr.org/), various AportisDoc readers iSilo(http://isilo.com/) OpieReader(http://www.timwentford.uklinux.net/), Just Reader(http://justreader.sourceforge.net/) both Zaurus tools can read AportisDoc, OpieReader(http://www.timwentford.uklinux.net/), supports some more Palm formats including Plucker(http://plkr.org/) (iSilo(http://isilo.com/) is proprietary and currently not convertable)
Palm: List(http://www.quux.net/list/), ThinkDB(http://www.thinkingbytes.com/products/thinkDBpalm.asp), JFile(http://www.land-j.com/jfile.html), HanDBase(http://www.ddhsoftware.com/handbase.html) mySQL(http://killefiz.de/zaurus/showdetail.php?app=237), SQLite(http://www.hwaci.com/sw/sqlite/index.html), tkcRecall (mySQL Frontend)(http://www.thekompany.com/embedded/tkcrekall/), PortaBase(http://portabase.sourceforge.net), kGrog(http://www.bitrot.de/pda_kgrok.html), l2pb(http://aleph.bravepages.com/comp/l2pb/) Perl script to convert csv files generated by listdb to portabase csv files. All Palm databases support some kind of export (CSV, Microsoft Access(tm)...), so it should be easy to insert this data into the Zaurus tools kGrog(http://www.bitrot.de/pda_kgrok.html) seems to be closest to the GUI databases on Palm?
Palm: NeoCal(http://www.hudren.com/products/neocal/), EasyCalc(http://easycalc.sourceforge.net/) NeoCal(http://www.hudren.com/products/neocal/), zTi85emu(http://www.houseoffish.org/zTi85emu), GraphIt!(http://users.adelphia.net/~heathcaldwell/graphit/index.html) shouldn't be needed?
WinCE/PocketPC: Microsoft-Outlook, Microsoft-Exchange SynCE(http://synce.sourceforge.net/),  
    This script [archived link] will convert tkcmemo(http://www.thekompany.com/embedded/tkcmemo/) entries into a valid gjots(http://bhepple.freeshell.org/gjots/) file.

Not yet Tested

Csv2vcard(http://csv2vcard.sourceforge.net/) is a program for converting CSV (comma separated values, as exported by software such as MS Outlook) files containing contact information to the industry standard vcard format, which can be imported by most mailers and PIM software (optimized for Evolution). It's based on a Perl script by Michael MacDonald of Ximian. Csv2vcard can be used to convert any CSV format, not just the English Outlook output.

MrProjext(http://mrprojext.sourceforge.net/) is a MrProject database extractor and converter. It can search (extract) the tasks belonging to a specific time slot or recource. As a converter, it can rewrite the extracted result as a MrProject, Evolution, Yank, or Pilot file. It's a tool for doing those jobs which are a little bit out of the scope of the MrProject developer.

Java iCal Group Scheduler(http://sourceforge.net/projects/jical/) enables several users to get together for a meeting, by using JICAL to translate their iCalendar files into their available free/busy time and post it automatically to your Web server. This project enables Ximian Evolution desktop users to book meetings with each other (and Outlook users) via a Web server storing their 'Free/Busy' information as specified in RFC 2445.

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