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Gentoo and Sabayon Linux with Laptops, Notebooks, Mobile Phones and PDAs


Tablet Express Dual
ACER Aspire 1355LC [archived link]Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 1360LC [archived link]GentooGerman
ACER Aspire 1400LCGentooGerman
ACER Aspire 1513LMi [archived link]GentooGerman
ACER Aspire 1522WLMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 1524Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 1613LMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 1642WLMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 1664WLMi [archived link]Gentoo 2004.2German
ACER Aspire 1692WLMiGentoo 2005.1French
ACER Aspire 1692WLMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 2001WLCiNovell/SuSE 9.0, GentooGerman
ACER Aspire 3002WLMi  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 3020GentooHungarian
ACER Aspire 3025WLMiGentooPolish
ACER Aspire 5012LMiGentoo amd64 
ACER Aspire 5021NWLCiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 5024Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 5024WLMi  NEW  Gentoo 64bit 
ACER Aspire 5102WLMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 5112WLMiGentoo 2006.1 
ACER Aspire 5562Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 5652Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 5670Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 5672WLMiGentoo 
ACER Aspire 7720G [archived link]  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 7720Z  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire 9302WLMi [archived link]GentooGerman
ACER Aspire 9424WSMiGentooSpanish
ACER Aspire One *)  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire One A110L  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Aspire One A110  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Extensa 5620Z  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER Ferrari 3000Gentoo 
ACER Ferrari 3200LMiGentoo 
ACER Ferrari 3400Gentoo 
ACER Ferrari 4005WLMiGentoo 
ACER Ferrari 4005WLMiGentoo 
ACER Ferrari 4005WLMiGentoo 2007.0 
ACER TravelMate 243XGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 290LCiGentoo, Ubuntu 5.04 
ACER TravelMate 291LMi [archived link]GentooGerman
ACER TravelMate 382TMiGentoo, DebianGerman
ACER TravelMate 540Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 611TXV  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 630Novell/SuSE 8.0, Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 653LCGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 663LMi [archived link]Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 663LMiGentooGerman
ACER TravelMate 800LCiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 800LCiGentooGerman
ACER TravelMate 803  NEW  GentooGerman
ACER TravelMate 803  NEW  Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 803LCiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 2403Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 2702WLMiGentooItalian
ACER TravelMate 2702WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 3004WTMiSabayon Linux 3.26 
ACER TravelMate 3004WTMiGentoo 2006.1 
ACER TravelMate 3022WTMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 4001LMiGentoo DebianFrench
ACER TravelMate 4001WLMi [archived link]Gentoo 2005.0German
ACER TravelMate 4001WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 4050Gentoo 
ACER TravelMate 4062WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 6003LCiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 8104WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 8104WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate 8204WLMiGentoo 
ACER TravelMate C102TiGentoo 
AlienWare Area-51m 5500Gentoo 2004.1 
AlienWare Area-51m 5620 [archived link]Gentoo 2005.0 
AlienWare Area-51m 7700Gentoo 2004.1 
AlienWare Area-51m 7700Gentoo 
Amoi T30-15Gentoo 
Apple iBookGentoo 
Apple iBook 700MHz  NEW  Gentoo Power PC 
Apple iBook G3 500MHz Dual-USB WhiteGentoo PPC 2006.1 
Apple iBook G3 500Mhz Dual-USB 12'' [October 2001]  NEW  GentooItalian
Apple iBook G4GentooSpanish
Apple iBook G4 12'' 1,2 GHz [2005]Gentoo 
Apple iBook G4 12'' 1,2 GHz [2005]GentooItalian
Apple iBook G4 14''Gentoo 
Apple iBook G4 14'' [2004] [archived link]Debian, GentooJapanese
Apple iBook G4 [2004]GentooJapanese
Apple iBook G4 12'' [2005]Gentoo 
Apple iBook G4 12'' [2005]Gentoo 
Apple iBook G4 12'' 1,2 GhzUbuntu 5.10, Gentoo, Fedora Core 4 
Apple MacbookGentoo 
Apple Macbook 13'' 2GHz [2006]Debian, GentooFrench
Apple Macbook [2006]Gentoo 
Apple Macbook Pro 3,1 Core 2 Duo  NEW  Gentoo 
Apple Macbook Pro [2006]Gentoo 
Apple Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo [2006]Gentoo 
Apple Macbook Pro 5,1 (Unibody Aluminum)  NEW  Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook 3400Gentoo 1.4 PPC, YellowDogLinux 
Apple PowerBook G3 Lombard [archived link]Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook G3 PismoGentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4 12''GentooSpanish
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' Aluminium (AlBook) [archived link]GentooItalian
Apple PowerBook G4 1.5GHz 12''Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' 1.67GHzGentoo PPC 
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' AlBookGentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' 1.25GHz Aluminium (AlBook) [2003-Q4]Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' Aluminium (AlBook)GentooItalian
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' (AlBook)  NEW  GentooItalian
Apple PowerBook G4 15'' 1GHz  NEW  Gentoo 
Apple PowerBook G4 400MHz Titanium (TiBook)Gentoo 
ASMobile S37EGentoo 
ASUS A2526KUHDebian, Gentoo 
ASUS A3EGentoo 
ASUS A3H 5015Gentoo 
ASUS A3827NLPGentoo 
ASUS A4740KBPGentoo 
ASUS A4KAGentoo 
ASUS A6JC-Q077HGentooFrench
ASUS A6KMGentooItalian
ASUS A6KMGentoo 
ASUS A6000 (Z9200K) [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS A6000VMGentooRussian
ASUS A6M-Q074Gentoo 
ASUS A6Q00KGentoo AMD64 (x86_64) 
ASUS A6TGentoo 
ASUS A6UGentoo 
ASUS A6VGentoo 
ASUS A6VM-Q030HGentoo 
ASUS A7T  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS A8JsGentoo 
ASUS A8Js  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS Eee PC 701 4G *)  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS Eee PC 901  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS Eee PC 1000H  NEW  GentooGerman
ASUS Eee PC 1000HA  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS Eee PC 1015  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS F3SVGentoo 
ASUS G1Gentoo 
ASUS L3C [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS L3400D [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS L5800C [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS L5800CGentoo 
ASUS M2GentooItalian
ASUS M2400Gentoo 
ASUS M3000N [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS M3700NGentoo 2004.3 
ASUS M50SV  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS M5200(M5NP) [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS M6BeGentoo 2005.0 
ASUS M6800N [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS M6VA (M6800VA)Gentoo 
ASUS M6800VAGentoo 
ASUS M6VA (Z70VA)Gentoo 
ASUS M6VA, Z70VAGentoo 
ASUS S1300Gentoo 
ASUS S1300NGentoo 
ASUS S5NGentoo 
ASUS S6FGentoo 
ASUS V6V [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS V6800VGentoo 
ASUS W1N (W1726NBH)Gentoo 
ASUS W3VGentoo 
ASUS W3V (W3030V)Gentoo 
ASUS W5660AUPGentooItalian
ASUS W5660AUPGentoo 
ASUS W5F [archived link]GentooGerman
ASUS X51RL  NEW  Gentoo 
ASUS Z33AGentoo 
ASUS Z71V [archived link]Gentoo 
ASUS Z92MGentoo 
Averatec AV3150Gentoo 
Averatec AV3250HX-1Gentoo 
Averatec AV4155Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook S72 [archived link]Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook 2100E v38Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook 5000U [archived link]Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook 6000 [archived link]Gentoo, OpenBSDItalian
Bullman VK CL50-15 / CL-50Gentoo RealTime (Jack Audio)German
Cebop HEL 950Gentoo 2005.1German
ChemBook 2371v (ASUS Z71V)Gentoo 2005.0 
Clevo 3420 (aka Gericom NB 3420, Media Markt, NBI-600MP-avantgarde 13.3) [archived link]Gentoo 
Clevo D900K (aka Sager 9750, Alienware Aurora M7700, Voodoo ENVY u:709, Hypersonic Aviator FX7, Xtreme Nova 906V, xVx Monstruo-m A650)Gentoo 
Clevo M38AWGentoo 
Clevo M50C (also manufactured by Quanta [OEM] as Z500A [ZW1], Littlebit as Razor 780, bmobile as Z500A, Chem USA as ChemBook 2500, Cyber System as CL 5000, Enface as Octave Z500, Jetta as Jetbook Q500A, Lanix as Neuron Z500E, Littlebit as Razor 780, MAXDATA as NB MW Pro 8000X Combo DE, micro\ce as MediaBook ML 500, Neo as Q-Note Z500, Pegocom as M50, RoverBook as Nautilus Z500, Vahal as Marathon, Tronic5 as M50C)Gentoo 
COMPAQ Armada E500Gentoo 
COMPAQ Armada M700Gentoo 
COMPAQ Armada 1700Gentoo 
COMPAQ Evo N610cGentoo 
COMPAQ Evo N620c [archived link]Gentoo 
COMPAQ Evo N620cGentoo 
COMPAQ Evo N1015vGentoo 
COMPAQ Presario 730CAGentoo 2004.0 
COMPAQ Presario 731US [archived link]Gentoo 
COMPAQ Presario 1255GentooSpanish
COMPAQ Presario 2100Gentoo 
COMPAQ Presario 2111EUGentoo 2006.1Italian
COMPAQ Presario 2232USGentoo 
COMPAQ Presario 2516EARedHat 9.0, Gentoo 
COMPAQ Presario 2570CAGentooFrench
COMPAQ Presario B1013Gentoo 2004.1 
COMPAQ Presario CQ71-415EG  NEW  Gentoo 
COMPAQ Presario CQ71-415EG  NEW  GentooGerman
COMPAQ Presario M2000GentooFrench
COMPAQ Presario V2000Gentoo 
COMPAQ Presario V3018CLGentoo 
COMPAQ Presario V5204NRGentoo 
COMPAQ TC1000Gentoo 
COMPAQ TC1000Gentoo 
COMPAQ TC4200Gentoo 
CyberPower XPLORER U3-1000Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 510MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 600MDebian Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 600MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 600MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 630MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 640MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 640MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 700MGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 700M [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1000 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1501Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1501Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1501Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 1501Sabayon Linux 
DELL Inspiron 2500Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 2650RedHat 8.0, Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 4100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 4150 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 4150 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5000 [archived link]Gentoo, RedHat 9.0 
DELL Inspiron 5000Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5100 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5150Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 5150Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 6000Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 6000Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 6400Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 6400 (e1505)Sabayon Linux  
DELL Inspiron 7500Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8000/8100 Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8200Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8200Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8200Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8200Gentoo 2004.x 
DELL Inspiron 8200Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8200GentooFrench
DELL Inspiron 8500 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
DELL Inspiron 8500Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8500Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8500Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8600 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8600Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8600Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 8600CGentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9100 [archived link]GentooGerman
DELL Inspiron 9100Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9200Gentoo 2004.3 
DELL Inspiron 9200 [archived link]GentooCatalan
DELL Inspiron 9300Gentoo 2005.0French
DELL Inspiron 9300Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.2rc2, Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9300Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9300Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9300Gentoo 2005.1 
DELL Inspiron 9400Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9400Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9400 (E1705)Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9400Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9400Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron 9400 RoyalGentoo 
DELL Inspiron B120Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron E1405Gentoo x86_64 2006.1 
DELL Inspiron E1405 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron E1505Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron XPS (Gen. 2)Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron XPS M1210GentooFrench
DELL Inspiron XPS M1210Gentoo 
DELL Inspiron XPS M1530  NEW  GentooSpanish
DELL Latitude 110L [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Latitude C400Debian Woody, Gentoo 
DELL Latitude C600Gentoo 
DELL Latitude C640 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Latitude C840 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Latitude CSxGentoo 
DELL Latitude D400Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D410Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D600Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D610Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D630  NEW  GentooGerman
DELL Latitude D630Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D630/D830Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D800 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D800 [archived link]Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D800Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D810Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D820Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D820Gentoo 
DELL Latitude E5400  NEW  Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X1 (aka Samsung Q30)Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X1Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X200Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X300Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X300Gentoo 
DELL Latitude X300Gentoo 
DELL Latitude XT  NEW  Gentoo 
DELL Precision M65Gentoo 
DELL Precision M70Gentoo 
DELL Studio 1535  NEW  GentooSpanish
DELL Vostro 1000Gentoo 
Dialogue FlyBookGentoo 
Dialogue FlyBookGentoo 
ECS DeskNote A532GentooGerman
ECS DeskNote A535Debian Sarge, Gentoo 
ECS G551Gentoo 
ECS G736Gentoo 
ECS G900 [archived link]Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1, 2005, Gentoo 2004.3, 2005 
eMachines M6805Gentoo 
eMachines M6805/6807 (aka Arima W720-K8) [archived link]Debian, Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A-1630Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A-1667GGentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D-8830Gentoo 1.4 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-1420 [archived link]Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-1424GentooFrench
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-1425Gentoo, UbuntuCatalan
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-1425Gentoo, Ubuntu 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-7440Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi-1526GentooGerman
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2020Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2020Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2045Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3205  NEW  Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pa-1538Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile M9400  NEW  Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535  NEW  Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535  NEW  Mandriva (Mandrake) 2006, Ubuntu 
Fujitsu P-2040 [archived link]Gentoo 
Fujitsu P-2120 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
Fujitsu-Siemens P-5020Gentoo 
Fujitsu P-5020D [archived link]Gentoo, Mandriva (Mandrake), Knoppix 3.1 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7010Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7010DGentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P-7120Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook A-1010 [archived link]Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-4010D [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-6634Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-7110Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-2010Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-2020Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-4542 [archived link]Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-4572 [archived link]Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-6000D [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-6010Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-6130Gentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-7010DGentoo 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-7020Gentoo 
Fujitsu Stylistic 5010Gentoo 
Gateway 400SD4 (aka Syncro)Gentoo 
Gateway 450X (450rog)Gentoo 
Gateway 450XLGentoo 
Gateway 600Gentoo 
Gateway 3550ZGentoo 
Gateway 6020Gentoo 
Gateway MX7118Gentoo 
Gateway MX8711  NEW  Gentoo 
Gateway Solo 5150 [archived link]Gentoo 
Gateway Solo 5300Gentoo 
GigaByte W551NGentoo 
HP 2133 Mini-Note *)  NEW  Gentoo 
HP OmniBook 800CTGentoo 
HP EliteBook 2760  NEW  GentooGerman
HP EliteBook 8530w  NEW  Gentoo 
HP OmniBook 900B [archived link]Gentoo 
HP OmniBook 4150 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP OmniBook 4150Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 1067Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 1320BRGentoo, Debian 4.0Portuguese
HP Pavilion DV 2000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 4000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 5000TGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 5078EAGentoo AMD64 (x86_64) 
HP Pavilion DV 6227CLSabayon Linux, Gentoo x64 
HP Pavilion DV 6258SEGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 7-1800  NEW  Gentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 8000ZGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 8000ZGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 9200CTOGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 9500TGentoo 
HP Pavilion DV 9500T  NEW  Gentoo 
HP Pavilion N5415 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZD 7000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZD 7020Gentoo 1.4 
HP Pavilion ZE 4100Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZE 4200 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
HP Pavilion ZE 4420Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZE 4500Gentoo, Fedora Core 1, Debian 
HP Pavilion ZE 5165 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
HP Pavilion ZE 5500 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4, Mandriva (Mandrake) 9.2 
HP Pavilion ZT 1000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZT 1145 [archived link]GentooPortuguese
HP Pavilion ZV 5000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZV 5000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZV 5320USGentoo 
HP Pavilion ZV 6000Gentoo 
HP Pavilion ZX 5030EAGentoo 
HP LiveStrong L2005CL Special EditionGentoo 
HP/COMPAQ 2510p  NEW  Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ 2710p  NEW  Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ 6710bGentoo 2007.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715bGentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ 6715s  NEW  Gentoo 2007.0 
HP/COMPAQ 6715s  NEW  Gentoo 2007.0Italian
HP/COMPAQ NC6000Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NC6000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NC6220Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6110Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooRussian
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX6125Gentoo, Novell/SuSE 10.0 
HP/COMPAQ NX6325Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7000Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX7010Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX8220Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9000 [archived link]GentooGerman
HP/COMPAQ NX9000 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005 [archived link]Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9005Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9105Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9105Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420 [archived link]GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad 570Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad 600Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad 600EGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad 750Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad 770EGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad 770E  NEW  GentooHungarian
IBM ThinkPad A30pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad A31Gentoo 2004.0 
IBM ThinkPad R31GentooJapanese
IBM ThinkPad R31 [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R40Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R40Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R40e [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R40eGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R50eGentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad R50pGentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad R51 [archived link]GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad R51Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R51 [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R51Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R51 [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R51 (1829-9MG) [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R60GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad R60  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad R61Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T20Gentoo 2004.0 
IBM ThinkPad T20Gentoo 2004.3 
IBM ThinkPad T23Gentoo 2005.1 
IBM ThinkPad T23GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad T23 [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T30GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad T30Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T40, T41, T42Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T40pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T40pGentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad T41Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T41Debian Sarge 3.1r0a, Hurd K8, Fiasco, Gentoo Hurd 
IBM ThinkPad T41pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T41pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T42Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T42 [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T42  NEW  GentooHungarian
IBM ThinkPad T42pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T42pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T42pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T43Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T43  NEW  GentooChinese
IBM ThinkPad T43pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T43p [archived link]Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T43pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T60Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T60Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T60pGentoo 2006.0 
IBM ThinkPad T60pGentoo 2006.1 
IBM ThinkPad T61Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T61Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T61p  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T400  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T400  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T420  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad T420s  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad W510  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad W700  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X21Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X31Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X40Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X40GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad X41GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad X60Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X60sGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X60sGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X61s  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X61s  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X61s  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X201  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X301  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad X301  NEW  Gentoo 
IBM ThinkPad Z60mGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad Z60tGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad Z61mGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad Z61mKUbuntu, GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad Z61m [archived link]GentooGerman
IBM ThinkPad Z61pGentoo 
IBM ThinkPad Z61p  NEW  Gentoo 
JVC MP-XP741GentooGerman
Lenovo 3000 C200Gentoo 
Lenovo 3000 N100Gentoo 
Lenovo 3000 N100Gentoo 
Lenovo 3000 N100Novell/SuSE 10.1, KUbuntu, Gentoo 
Lenovo 3000 N200GentooGerman
Lenovo 3000 V100Gentoo 
Lenovo IdeaPad Y530  NEW  Gentoo 
LG A1Gentoo 
LG C1 Tablet Express DualGentoo 
LG LE50 ExpressGentoo 
LG LM50Gentoo 
LG LW20Gentoo 
LinuxCertified LC2200Fedora Core 2, Gentoo 
LinuxCertified LC2464Gentoo AMD64 (x86_64) 
MaxData Pro 800IWGentooGerman
MaxData PRO 7000 DXGentoo 
MaxData Pro 8100XGentooGerman
MBO Eurobook a320 (aka PLUS NoteBook) [archived link]GentooGerman
Medion MD2884 (aka MicroMaxx) [archived link]Gentoo 
Medion MD6100 (Aldi)Novell/SuSE 8.1, Gentoo 2004.1 
Medion MD9630Gentoo 
Medion MD96340Gentoo 
Medion MD40100Gentoo 
Medion MD41700Gentoo 
Medion MD98300 [archived link]GentooGerman
Mitac MiNote 8170RedHat 7.2, 7.3, 8.0, Fedora Core 1, Gentoo 
MotionComputing LE1600Gentoo 
MotionComputing M1200Gentoo 
MotionComputing M1400Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook L715 (MS-1036)  NEW  Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook M635 (aka MS-1029)Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook M655 (MS-1039)Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook M670 [archived link]  NEW  GentooGerman
MSI MegaBook S260 (MS-1012)Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook S271Gentoo 
MSI MegaBook S271 (MS-1058)Gentoo 
MyBook 255Gentoo 
OQO 01+  NEW  GentooGerman
OQO 01+  NEW  Gentoo 
NEC Versa 6060Gentoo 
NEC Versa M300Gentoo 
Packard Bell EasyNote MB86  NEW  GentooFrench
Packard Bell EasyNote R3563Gentoo 
Packard-Bell iPower 5542Gentoo 
Packard Bell iPower 7000Gentoo 
Palmax PD1100Gentoo 
Panasonic Let's Note CF-B5R (CF-S21)Slackware, GentooJapanese
PowerNoteBooks PowerPro 3:11 SUPRAGentoo 
Sager 4750Gentoo 
Sager NP7652  NEW  Gentoo amd64/10.0/desktop/kde profile 
Sager NP8880Gentoo 
Samsung P28Ubuntu, GentooRussian
Samsung P30 XVM1500Gentoo 
Samsung P35 [archived link]GentooGerman
Samsung P35  NEW  GentooGerman
Samsung P35GentooGerman
Samsung P35 1600 XVM II/IIIGentoo 
Samsung Q1 UltraGentoo 
Samsung Q30 "Jamie"Gentoo 
Samsung Q35Gentoo 
Samsung R60 Plus [archived link]  NEW  GentooGerman
Samsung X05GentooFrench
Samsung X05 XTC1400Gentoo 
Samsung X05 XTC1400Gentoo 
Samsung X10 XTC1400Gentoo 
Samsung X10plus (NX10)  [archived link]Gentoo 
Samsung X11 T2300 CarlGentoo 
Samsung X11 T5500 CeSebaGentoo 
Samsung X20 XVM1600 VGentoo 
Samsung X20 VGentoo 2005.0 
Samsung X30 WVC1500Gentoo 
Samsung X30 1700 WVCGentoo 
Santech X3620Gentoo 2007.0 
SHARP Actius PC-MM20Gentoo 
SHARP Actius PC-MM10Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1 (PictureBook)Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VFK (PictureBook)  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-C1VRX/K (PictureBook) [archived link]  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-FR285EGentoo 1.4 
Sony VAIO PCG-FR415BGentoo 2004.1 
Sony VAIO PCG-FXA680Gentoo 1.4, Debian 3.0 WoodySpanish
Sony VAIO PCG-GR214EP [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
Sony VAIO PCG-GRT896HP [archived link]Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-GRT916Z [archived link]GentooFrench
Sony VAIO PCG-N505XGentooGerman
Sony VAIO PCG-N505XGentoo 1.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-NVR23Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505TSK [archived link]Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-TR1ASlackware 9.0, Fedora Core 1, Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-TR1/P (PCG-482N)Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-505FX [archived link]Gentoo, Mandriva (Mandrake) 8.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-GR114MKGentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-GRX516MDGentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505ELGentoo 2006.0 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505GLGentoo 1.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505GL [archived link]Gentoo 1.2 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505R/GKGentoo 1.4 
Sony VAIO PCG-R505VMP [archived link]  NEW  GentooGerman
Sony VAIO PCG-R600HMP [archived link]GentooGerman
Sony VAIO PCG-R600MXGentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-SRX51PRedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 2, Gentoo, ARCHlinux 
Sony VAIO PCG-SRX51P/AGentooGerman
Sony VAIO PCG-TR1Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-TR5MP [archived link]Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1RAGentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1SP [archived link]Gentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1XMPGentooFrench
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1XMPGentoo 
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1RMPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-A197VPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-A295HPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-A690Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FE21MGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FE41ZR  NEW  GentooRussian
Sony VAIO VGN-FE690Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FS315H [archived link]GentooGerman
Sony VAIO VGN-FS415MGentooFrench
Sony VAIO VGN-FS500Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FS660Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FZ21S  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FZ140EGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-FZ180E  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S18GPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S150Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S260Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S260Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S3HP  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S3XPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S4M/S (aka S460/S480)Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-S580Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ1M/BGentooItalian
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ5XRN  NEW  GentooRussian
Sony VAIO VGN-T2XPGentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-TX2HPGentooFrench
Sony VAIO VGN-TX2Gentoo 
Sony VAIO VGN-TXN17P  NEW  Gentoo 
Sony VAIO Z VPC-Z21C5E (2011)  NEW  Ubuntu, Gentoo 
Sotec 3120XMandriva (Mandrake) 10.0CE, Gentoo 
Targa Companion 811 [archived link]GentooGerman
Toshiba DynaBook AX/2528PDSBGentoo 
Toshiba DynaBook AX/2528PDSBGentooJapanese
Toshiba Portege 2000Gentoo 
Toshiba Portege 2000Gentoo 
Toshiba Portege 2010 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Portege M400  NEW  Gentoo 
Toshiba Portege R500  NEW  GentooFrench
Toshiba Qosmio G20-126 [archived link]Gentoo 2006.0 
Toshiba Satellite 1800-354S [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite 2615DVDGentoo, Debian 
Toshiba Satellite 3005-S403Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite 4100XDVDGentoo 1.4 
Toshiba Satellite 5100-201Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite 5105-S607Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite 5200-801Gentoo 1.4 
Toshiba Satellite 5205-S119Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A10C-05HVMGentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A10-REHGentoo, Slackware 
Toshiba Satellite A45-S120Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A45-S250 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A50  NEW  GentooSpanish
Toshiba Satellite A70-RWGentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A75-229 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A80-154Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A100-172Sabayon Linux 64bit 
Toshiba Satellite A100-906GentooRussian
Toshiba Satellite A135  NEW  Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite A200-13T [archived link]GentooGerman
Toshiba Satellite L100-120Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M30GentooCastilian
Toshiba Satellite M30-344Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M30X-115Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M30X-155Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M30X-131Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M35XGentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M35X-S161Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M40Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M40XGentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M55-S329Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M105Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4829Ubuntu 8.04, Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite M305D  NEW  Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite P10-554 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite P10-792Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite P20Gentoo, Knoppix, Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.0, Novell/SuSE 
Toshiba Satellite P25 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite P100Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite R20 Tablet PCGentoo 
Toshiba Satellite TE2000Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100Gentoo 1.4 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000Debian, Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite Pro A100GentooFrench
Toshiba Satellite Pro L10Gentoo 2005.1 
Toshiba Satellite Pro M30Gentoo 
Toshiba Satellite Pro M30-404Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra 8100Gentoo 1.1 
Toshiba Tecra 8200 [archived link]Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra 8200Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra 8200Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra A9Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra M2Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra M3Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra M4-435Gentoo 
Toshiba Tecra S1Gentoo 
Uniwill N755IAGentoo 
Velocity Micro NoteMagix B50Gentoo 2005.0 
vpr Matrix 180B5 [archived link]Gentoo 1.4 
Winbook X2Gentoo 
Wortmann Terra-Anima 2200 [archived link]GentooGerman
Xeron Sonic Pro X155GGentooGerman
Yakumo D27ES [archived link]GentooGerman
Zepto zNote 4200Gentoo 
Zepto zNote 4200Gentoo 
Zepto zNote 6214Sabayon Linux 3.3 
Zonbu ZonBook 1Gentoo 

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Community: Mailing Lists, Forums, FAQs, HOWTOs, Wikis


ACER N35Gentoo 
PalmOne Treo 650Gentoo 

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Gentoo For Zaurus

Gentoo For Zaurus is a port of the Gentoo Distribution to the Zaurus PDA. It can be mounted over NFS so no changes to a current configuration are needed. It includes a native gcc environment for ARM, the zgcc-3.3.1 cross compiler for the main PC with distcc configured so that the main PC does the actual compiling, and X11 for testing applications.

The Gentoo Linux PDA/PIM Guide explains how to setup an USB connection and how to sync a Linux PDA. http://www.gentoo.de/doc/de/gentoo-pda.xml

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Motorola A920Gentoo 
Motorola C330Gentoo 
Motorola C350, C360, C380GentooRussian
Nokia 6230Gentoo 
Nokia 6310iGentoo 
Nokia 6600 [archived link]Gentoo 
Nokia 6600Gentoo 
Nokia 6600/7650GentooItalian
Nokia 6630Gentoo 
Nokia 6680Gentoo 
Nokia 7650Gentoo 
Nokia N60Gentoo 
Nokia N70Gentoo 
Nokia N80GentooGerman
Samsung SCH-N191 [archived link]Gentoo 
Siemens M65Gentoo 
Siemens SX1 [archived link]GentooGerman
SonyEricsson K700Gentoo 
SonyEricsson K700iGentoo 
SonyEricsson T310Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T630Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T630 [archived link]Gentoo 

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Mobile Audio and Video Players

Apple iPodGentooFrench
Apple iPodGentoo 
Apple iPod ShuffleGentoo 
Apple iPod Shuffle [archived link]GentooGerman
Apple iPodGentoo 
Apple iPodGentoo 
iRiver IFP-190TCGentoo 
iRiver H10Gentoo 

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Other Linux and Unix Distributions

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