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Do you want to use a free theme for your mobile (cell) phone or PDA? Free as in freedom? Here are some links to themes published under a free license, e.g. Creative Commons, GPL or FreeWare. Not much yet but I hope it works as a start. If you know of a missing theme please let me know.


Lasyk myThemeCreator - MTC

Lasyk myThemeCreator - MTC(http://www.myforum.lasyk.net/showthread.php?t=7839) was created initially for internal use by Lasyk.net. In order to create and manage themes for the new Lasyk portal. We thought though that we can expand it a bit and offer it for everyone to use, so hence we utilized java technology in order to allow any user on any Operating System to use the theme creator, all a user needs is the Java Runtime Environment to run the application.

Other Free Media For Mobile Computers

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