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Free or GPLed Movies for PDAs and Portable Video Players

Do you want to view free movies? Free as in freedom? Want to download movies without membership fees? Here you may find some links to free movies and videos, which you may play on your Linux PDA, Linux TabletPC, Linux laptop or portable media player. Many of them are published under a free license, e.g. Creative Commons, GPL. Not much yet but I hope it works as a start. There are also links to tips, tricks and HOWTOs for format conversions (MPEG, DivX and others) with Linux, to get your favorite movie running on a PDA. If you know of something missing here please let me know.

Movies and Videos

Conversion HOWTOs for Mobile Phones and PDAs

How to resize DivX movies to smaller resolution?

There are several tools, e.g. mencoder, ffmpeg , transcode. See also zmencoder and this text, which provides some examples for PDA encodings.

Zaurus SL-C760 Movie Player Conversion Tips

This page offers a step by step 'how to' detailing converting existing movie files to the image format supported by the Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 movie player. The Zaurus movie player only plays files with a .wmv or .asf extension, and these files must have the video encoded as MPEG 4 and the audio as MP3. And here are some more tips for good video performance on Spitz/Akita with OpenZaurus and OPIE.

Video Conversion for Palm mmplayer under Linux

Here is a HOWTO, to convert videos for Palm mmplayer under Linux (in German).

Encoding a DVD for a PDA

This document is designed to help people who own a DVD, re-encode it so that they can watch it on their Linux PDA.

Encoding and Playing Video for C7x0 Devices.

Clié movies - Image Converter vs. PEGA-VR100K.

How to Convert a Video to 3GPP

Newer camera mobiles can take movies from their integrated camera which are encoded in 3GPP (usually with suffix .3gp). This tutorial explains how to convert your video to 3GPP.

Watching Movies on Your Mobile Phone

The format 3GPP is a flavor of QuickTime. Using ffmpeg it's possible to encode directly to 3GPP using free software.


Other Free Media For Mobile Computers

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