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"Firewire, also known as IEEE-1394 and iLink, is a high-speed serial bus system that was originally developed by Apple Computer. Currently, its widest implementation is for digital video; however, it has a lot of other uses." This bus is also known as i.LINK(TM).

The Linux IEEE 1394 Subsystem(http://linux1394.sourceforge.net/) provides support for IEEE 1394 (FireWire,i.Link). It consists of a kernel subsystem as well as applications. A great variety of 1394 hardware works with Linux, including numerous IEEE 1394 laptop on-board adapters and CardBus adapters(http://arcgraph.de/sr/linux/firewire-pccard.html). Note that the Linux drivers are still rated experimental. Visit the webpage for information on how to setup the drivers, on hardware compatibility, and for mailing list contacts.

FireWire / IEEE-1394 Driver Project (Mailing List)(http://www.linux1394.org/).

For firewire PCMCIA adapters see Survey of PCMCIA Cards(pcmcia_linux.html). Please note, since PCMCIA-CS-3.1.22 the pcilynx_cb.o module provides some FireWire support. See also N.N.(http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~burschka) .



Maybe Apple Powerbook G3.


DELL Inspiron

Bus  2, device  15, function  2:
  FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments Unknown device (rev 0).
    Vendor id=104c. Device id=8027.


MITAC M722 series.


The new Sony(http://www.sony.com) VAIO laptops have a yellow firewire port.


TwinHead EFIO 9000 series.


capture is a video player for IEEE 1394-compliant digital camera recorders, written by Franck Bonin(http://www.chez.com/kayle/ieee_1394.htm)



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