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Linux Hardware Compatibility List - HCL for ExpressCards

This is the Linux Hardware Compatibility List - HCL for ExpressCards. ExpressCard(http://www.expresscard.org/) is the official standard for modular expansion for desktop and mobile systems. These cards offer a smaller and faster PC Card solution. The Linux driver module is pciehp (PCIe Hotplug).

If you like to contribute your experiences with your Express Card and Linux, I would gladly appreciate your help. It seems also useful if you report a card, which doesn't work. You may use the submission form or write directly to me.

Manufacturer Model Card Type Linux Status Source
AboCom(http://www.abocom.com.tw/product_detail.php?id=324)E94A1394a FirewireworksManufacturer states Linux compatibility.
Apiotek(http://www.apiotek.com/)EC-0003DeSATAworksEXTREME Dual eSATAII Express Card Adapter w/ RAID 0/1/5, works with module sata_sil24, lspci: 04:00.0 Mass storage controller: Silicon Image, Inc. SiI 3132 Serial ATA Raid II Controller (rev 01)
Delkin(http://delkin.com/)UDMA CompactFlash Card ReaderCF-Card ReaderworksYou have to perform a modprobe pciehp to get it recognized, but it worked flawlessly afterward.
NoNameExpress 1000M Lan CardGigaBit ethernetworksThis no-name adapter works flawlessly using the sky2 module. The MAC address is 00:11:22:..:..:.. ; lspci has this to say: 0d:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E ; dmesg has: sky2 0000:0d:00.0: v1.21 addr 0xefafc000 irq 19 Yukon-EC (0xb6) rev 2.
Novatel(http://www.novatelwireless.com/products/expresscard/merlin-xu870.html?www.reghardware.co.uk)XU870HSDPA ModemworksManufacturer states Linux compatibility.
Novatel(http://www.hawkes-haven.com/blahg/novatel-v640-over-verizon-wireless-broadband-using-suse-10-2-linux/)v640HSDPA ModemworksSuSE 10.2
OmniKey(http://omnikey.com/?id=products&tx_okprod_pi1[product]=50)CardMan 4321SmartCardworksManufacturer states Linux compatibility.
SIIG(http://www.siig.com/)ExpressCard/54 CF R/W (02-10594) Part #: CE-000042-S1Compact Flash Adapter/Card ReaderworksWorked out of the box with Fedora 8 .. uses USB, so it's pretty slow.
SIIG(http://www.siig.com/)Hi-Speed ExpressCard CF R/W (02-1081A) Part #: CE-MR0012-S1Compact Flash Adapter/Card ReaderworksWorked after modprobe pciehp. About 20x faster than the USB based SIIG ExpressCard/54 CF R/W (02-10594).
SysKonnect(http://www.syskonnect.de/)SK-9C21GigaBit EthernetworksCT Magazin(http://heise.de/ct/) 8/2005 page 33
Verbatim(http://verbatim.com/)ExpressCard|34 (096538) Part #: 096538Compact Flash Adapter/Card ReaderworksWorked after modprobe pciehp. About 20x faster than the USB based SIIG ExpressCard/54 CF R/W (02-10594).
DWA-643 Xtreme Wireless N ExpressCardworksRuns with Mint Linux 6, see here for details(http://mikazotechblog.blogspot.com/2008/08/d-link-dwa-643-expresscard-and-madwifi.html).

Linux on Laptops & Notebooks with ExpressCard Slot

Here are some Linux installation reports for laptops and notebooks which are equipped with an ExpressCard slot. Though there is not much content about ExpressCards yet.

ASUS V6J(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/AsusV6J)Ubuntu 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-8210(http://jmaurer.awardspace.info/e8210.html)  NEW  Linux 
IBM ThinkPad T43(http://sharadware.com/archives/2005/06/installing_linu.html)  NEW  Novell/SuSE 
IBM ThinkPad T43(http://jefke.free.fr/writings/thinkpad_t43/)  NEW  Debian 
IBM ThinkPad T43(http://meltin.net/hacks/linux/t43.html)  NEW  Ubuntu 
Toshiba Tecra M3(http://madpenguins.net/articles/tecram3.html)Slackware 10.1 
Toshiba Tecra M3-S331(http://dancorkill.home.comcast.net/tecra-m3.html)  NEW  Fedora Core 3, 4, 5 

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