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Writing the Linux Mobile Guide - Installing, Maintaining and Tuning of Linux on Mobile Computers, I researched Linux applications for cell phones. Since Debian/GNU Linux(http://www.debian.org) is my favorite distribution I started to collect information about (cell) phone related Debian packages. Though this text reflects my personal thoughts only. It's not an official Debian document. The list is probably incomplete yet.

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Program Description Developer Site
mobile phones    
scmxx(http://packages.debian.org/scmxx) exchange data with Siemens mobile phones SCMxx(http://www.hendrik-sattler.de/scmxx/)
libgsm-bin(http://packages.debian.org/libgsm-bin) implementation of the European GSM 06.10 provisional standard  
moto4lin(http://packages.debian.org/moto4lin) file manager and seem editor for Motorola phones (like C380/C650)  
kmobiletools(http://packages.debian.org/kmobiletools) KDE control application for the mobile phone  
gnokii-smsd(http://packages.debian.org/gnokii-smsd) SMS Daemon for Nokia mobile phones  
gnokii-smsd-mysql(http://packages.debian.org/gnokii-smsd-mysql) SMSD plugin for the MySQL RDBMS  
gnokii-smsd-pgsql(http://packages.debian.org/gnokii-smsd-pgsql) SMSD plugin for the PostgreSQL RDBMS  
gnokii(http://packages.debian.org/gnokii) Datasuite for the mobile phones (console & X)  
bitpim(http://packages.debian.org/bitpim) Utility to communicate with many CDMA phones.  
gammu(http://packages.debian.org/gammu) Mobile phone management utility.  
wammu(http://packages.debian.org/wammu) Phone manager.  
python-gammu(http://packages.debian.org/python-gammu) Python module to communicate with mobile phones.  
libgammu-dev(http://packages.debian.org/libgammu-dev) Header files for Gammu  
libgammu0(http://packages.debian.org/libgammu0) Mobile phone management library  
yaps(http://packages.debian.org/yaps) yet another pager software  
smssend(http://packages.debian.org/smssend) utility to send SMS messages to GSM mobile phones  
smsclient(http://packages.debian.org/smsclient) A program for sending short messages (SM / SMS)  
smstools(http://packages.debian.org/smstools) SMS Server Tools for GSM modems  
sms-pl(http://packages.debian.org/sms-pl) Send SMs via Polish GSM operators  
irda-tools(http://packages.debian.org/irda-tools) IrDA handling tools for Linux  
ircp(http://packages.debian.org/ircp) utility for "beaming" files via IrDA  
bluez-sdp(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-sdp) BlueZ Bluetooth SDP daemon and tool  
bluez-pcmcia(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-pcmcia) PCMCIA support files for BlueZ 2.0 Bluetooth tools  
bluez-utils(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-utils) utilities for controlling Bluetooth devices  
affix(http://packages.debian.org/affix) User space utilities for the Affix Bluetooth protocol stack  
ic35link(http://packages.debian.org/ic35link) Synchronization tools for the Siemens IC35 PDA  
libobexftp-dev(http://packages.debian.org/libobexftp-dev) Object Exchange File Transfer Library  
libopenobex(http://packages.debian.org/libopenobex) OBEX protocol library  
libopenobex-dev(http://packages.debian.org/libopenobex-dev) OBEX protocol library - development files  
libopenobex-dev(http://packages.debian.org/libopenobex-dev) OBEX protocol library - development files  
libopenobex1(http://packages.debian.org/libopenobex1) OBEX protocol library  
obexftp(http://packages.debian.org/obexftp) File Transfer to Flex.Memory on Siemens GSM Mobiles  
libobexftp1(http://packages.debian.org/libobexftp1) Object Exchange File Transfer Library  
openobex-apps(http://packages.debian.org/openobex-apps) Applications for OpenOBEX  
obexfs(http://packages.debian.org/obexfs) Mount filesystem of ObexFTP capable devices  
synce-serial(http://packages.debian.org/synce-serial) SynCE connection manipulation scripts.  
opensyncutils(http://packages.debian.org/opensyncutils) Command line utilities for libopensync  
gcom(http://packages.debian.org/gcom) Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool.  
syncekonnector(http://packages.debian.org/syncekonnector) Connector-plugin for raki (SynCE-KDE).  
alamin-client(http://packages.debian.org/alamin-client) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway client  
alamin-doc(http://packages.debian.org/alamin-doc) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway documentation  
alamin-mysql(http://packages.debian.org/alamin-mysql) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway mysql interface  
alamin-server(http://packages.debian.org/alamin-server) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway server  
alamin-smpp(http://packages.debian.org/alamin-smpp) Alamin GSM SMS Gateway SMPP interface  
gsm-utils(http://packages.debian.org/gsm-utils) GSM mobile phone access applications  
libgsmme1c2a(http://packages.debian.org/libgsmme1c2a) GSM mobile phone access library  
skyutils-dev(http://packages.debian.org/skyutils-dev) Many useful functions for the web like smssend (development)  
skyutils2(http://packages.debian.org/skyutils2) Many useful functions for the web like smssend  
xgsmlib(http://packages.debian.org/xgsmlib) Gnome application to handle mobile phone's phone book and SMS  
openggsn(http://packages.debian.org/openggsn) OpenSource Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)  
3gpwiz(http://packages.debian.org/3gpwiz) 3gp movie wizard  
gnome-phone-manager(http://packages.debian.org/gnome-phone-manager) control aspects of your mobile phone  
wapua(http://packages.debian.org/wapua) Web browser for WAP WML pages.  
wapua(http://packages.debian.org/wapua) Web browser for WAP WML pages.  
kannel(http://packages.debian.org/kannel) WAP and SMS gateway kannel(http://kannel.org/)
kannel-dev(http://packages.debian.org/kannel-dev) WAP and SMS gateway headers and development files  
wap-wml-tools(http://packages.debian.org/wap-wml-tools) designed to help in the construction of WAP WML decks  
html2wml(http://packages.debian.org/html2wml) converts HTML pages to WML pages, suitable for being viewed on a Wap device html2wml(http://maddingue.org/)
phpgroupware-wap(http://packages.debian.org/phpgroupware-wap) phpGroupWare WAP module  
openggsn1(http://packages.debian.org/openggsn1) OpenSource Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)  

Mobile Debian

Quotes from Debian Weekly News - DWN:

Debian on your Cellular Phone? No, it won't run Debian. At least, it won't run it at the moment, but we'll better check what processors future cellular phones will be built upon. Christian Wenke [10](http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2002/27/mail#1)played with [11](http://packages.debian.org/unstable/comm/scmxx.html) SCMxx(http://www.hendrik-sattler.de/scmxx/) , which exchanges data with Siemens mobile phones, such as logos, address books short messages etc. The Debian logo included in that package is useful for large screens only, but Christian created [12](http://www.debian.org/events/materials/cellular/debian-logo-sm25i.bmp)one for small displays (like for the M25i or S35i), based on the [13](http://gnuart.onshore.com/images/debian/buttons/button_4.jpg)image from onShore. Christian provided the commandline required for uploading the image to your phone. ...

... Henrik Härkönen told us that he prepared Debian [2](http://kortis.to/radix/t65/)swirl images for the Ericsson T65 cellular phone.

Dast has put together a small set of compatibility reports(http://dast.freeshell.org/section/debian/phones) for Sprint cellphones that can be used under Debian for Internet access.

A. P. Godshall wrote: "I took the official logo(http://www.debian.org/logos/openlogo.xcf.gz) and scaled it to a good size [archived link] 120x160 for my newish GSM cell phone (Sony/Ericsson Z520a, which I'm told is the North America version of the Z520i) and transferred it via bluetooth like so /usr/bin/obexftp -b -p debian-120x160.png The phone obligingly offered to use it, as wallpaper."

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