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Writing the Linux Mobile Guide - Installing, Maintaining and Tuning of Linux on Mobile Computers, I researched Linux applications for PDAs. Since Debian/GNU Linux(http://www.debian.org) is my favorite distribution I started to collect information about PDA related Debian packages. This text reflects my personal thoughts only. It's not an official Debian document. The list is probably incomplete yet.

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Program Description Developer Site
kitchensync(http://packages.debian.org/kitchensync) Synchronization framework.  
kdebluetooth-irmcsync(http://packages.debian.org/kdebluetooth-irmcsync) IrMCSync Konnector for kitchensync  
synce-serial(http://packages.debian.org/synce-serial) SynCE connection manipulation scripts.  
malsync(http://packages.debian.org/malsync) communicates between a 3Com Pilot and the AvantGo webservers (and other MAL enabled servers)  
coldsync(http://packages.debian.org/coldsync) syncing PalmOS PDAs with a Unix workstation with a focus on consistancy of data  
multisync(http://packages.debian.org/multisync) program to synchronize PIM data  
multisync-tools(http://packages.debian.org/multisync-tools) PIM Synchronisation Command Line Tools  
unison(http://packages.debian.org/unison) file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows  
lpkg(http://packages.debian.org/lpkg) install Newton packages from your Linux machine to your Apple's Newton MessagePad PDA  
irda-tools(http://packages.debian.org/irda-tools) IrDA handling tools for Linux  
ircp(http://packages.debian.org/ircp) utility for "beaming" files via IrDA  
bluez-sdp(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-sdp) BlueZ Bluetooth SDP daemon and tool  
bluez-pcmcia(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-pcmcia) PCMCIA support files for BlueZ 2.0 Bluetooth tools  
bluez-utils(http://packages.debian.org/bluez-utils) utilities for controlling Bluetooth devices  
affix(http://packages.debian.org/affix) User space utilities for the Affix Bluetooth protocol stack  
osflash(http://packages.debian.org/osflash) Reflash the OS of a Palm Computing Device  
p3nfs(http://packages.debian.org/p3nfs) Mount the file systems on the Psion/Symbian PDA/Phone.  
romeo(http://packages.debian.org/romeo) Palm ROM Discombobulator  
klipsi(http://packages.debian.org/klipsi) remote cut & paste for Psion PDA  
ic35link(http://packages.debian.org/ic35link) Synchronization tools for the Siemens IC35 PDA  
kpsion(http://packages.debian.org/kpsion) Backup and Restore of a Psion PDA  
plptools(http://packages.debian.org/plptools) Access a Psion PDA over a serial link  
openobex-apps(http://packages.debian.org/openobex-apps) Object Exchange Protocol apps  
obexserver(http://packages.debian.org/obexserver) Receive files with OBEX protocol  
wayv(http://packages.debian.org/wayv) enables human computer interaction, especially using gestures inputed via mouse  
xstroke(http://packages.debian.org/xstroke) X11 pen-based character input  
pyrite-publisher(http://packages.debian.org/pyrite-publisher) building PalmPilot e-texts in the de facto standard Doc format (former palm-doctoolkit)  
Matt Zimmermann(http://people.debian.org/~mdz/zaurus) offers Debian packages for the SHARP SL-5500 Zaurus  
op-advancedfm-fb(http://packages.debian.org/op-advancedfm-fb) Opie Advanced File Manager, this is an example for app. 170 OPIE packages, all named op-*  
vrdeb(http://olocs.com/vrdeb) offers Debian packages for the Agenda VR3  
kcemirror(http://packages.debian.org/kcemirror) Windows CE remote control tool like VNC  
makeztxt(http://packages.debian.org/makeztxt) Create zTXT databases from ASCII files to read them in a Palm  
gok(http://packages.debian.org/gok) GNOME Onscreen Keyboard  
makeztxt(http://packages.debian.org/makeztxt) Create zTXT databases from ASCII files to read them in a Palm.  
gpe-contacts(http://packages.debian.org/gpe-contacts) Contact manager for GPE.  
phpgroupware-addressbook(http://packages.debian.org/phpgroupware-addressbook) phpGrouhpWare addressbook management module  

Mobile Debian

The `debian-pilot`(http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/) mailing list is not for people who fly airplanes :-) It's for people who run Debian on the 3com Palm-Pilot.

The `debian-handheld`(http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/) mailing list is for people who run Debian on handheld devices.

The Debian Zaurus(http://people.debian.org/~mdz/zaurus/) project aims to create a full-featured, plug-and-play Debian environment for the Zaurus, with all the trimmings, including package management with dpkg and apt. A small demo is available.

Debian provides ARM ports(http://www.debian.org/ports/arm/).

See also my Debian Laptop Proposal.

Quotes from Debian Weekly News - DWN:

Mobile Debian? Josh Hansen [27](http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0201/msg01626.html) wondered if there is any current plan for a mobile edition of the Debian distribution, for use on handhelds like the iPAQ. Shaleh [28](http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0201/msg01630.html) explained that Debian has been used as a basis for the iPaq's linux distribution. However, it is not designed for handhelds so they changed a lot. Even use a different (but very very similar) packaging format. Additionally, there is the [29](http://intimate.handhelds.org/) Intimate Project which is a fully blown Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution for the Compaq iPAQ, and the [30](http://familiar.handhelds.org/) Familiar Project that works on creating the next generation of PDA OS, and that has just recently published the [31](http://familiar.handhelds.org/releases/v0.5.1/) release candidate for v0.5.1. ...

... Debian on Zaurus PDA. Joey Hess [6](http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0202/msg00145.html) informed us that it looks like Sharp's Zaurus PDA (the one with the neat integrated keyboard) uses busybox dpkg and Debian packages. There's also a [7](http://sourceforge.net/projects/zaurus) sourceforge project which covers open source development of tools, applications, and games for the Zaurus PDA. ...

... Debian on the Sharp Zaurus. Matt Zimmerman recently had the good [51](http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0206/msg01032.html) fortune of having one of these delightful little toys come into his possession. Matt is interested in creating a full-featured Debian environment for the Zaurus, with all the trimmings (including package management with dpkg and apt). Philip Blundell pointed to the [52](http://gpe.handhelds.org/) GPE effort which also uses Debian as base distribution apparently. ...

... Debian Zaurus Update. Matt Zimmerman released an [43](http://lists.debian.org/debian-handheld-0302/msg00044.html) update report about Debian on handhelds in general and the Zaurus in particular. He added a brief record of where we've been and where we stand on current development. [44](http://opie.handhelds.org/) Opie packages for example are coming along wonderfully, and are progressing into Debian unstable. Phil Blundell has further packaged some parts of [45](http://gpe.handhelds.org/) GPE for Debian, an X11- and GTK-based desktop project. ...

... Familiar Packages for Debian? Russell Coker [30](http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0304/msg00398.html) pondered packaging the [31](http://familiar.handhelds.org/) Familiar distribution of Linux for Debian. It consists of a boot loader (non-linux binary), an image of the root file system (JFFS2 file system image) which is about 13 MB, a kernel patch for 2.4.19, gcc and binutils for cross-compiling ARM code on an i386 platform and finally a complete tool chain. This is a total of about 130 MB.


vrdeb(http://olocs.com/vrdeb) is a set of utilities to compile and manage source and binary packages for the Agenda VR3 Linux pda. As implied by the name, vrdeb uses the Debian packaging format.


Pocket Workstation - Debian on Handhelds(http://www.pocketworkstation.org/) features:

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