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Html2Wml(http://maddingue.free.fr/) by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni converts HTML pages to WML pages, suitable for being viewed on a Wap device. The conversion can be done either on the command line to create static WML pages or on-the-fly by calling this program as a CGI. Download Debian package 10KB, or get html2wml(http://packages.debian.org/html2wml) from Debian directly.


lanoche - laptop or notebook check, generates a HTML report showing hardware information about your laptop. May be used as a framework to create your own "Linux on my Favorite Laptop" page. Currently version 0.6 is out. Download gzipped tar file or download Debian package 11KB, or get lanoche(http://packages.debian.org/lanoche) (note the package is now deprecated!) from Debian directly.
You may see an example report about Linux on a SONY VAIO F-403.

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