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My Debian GNU/Linux Packages for Laptops, Notebook, Mobile (Cell) Phones

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Html2Wml by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni converts HTML pages to WML pages, suitable for being viewed on a Wap device. The conversion can be done either on the command line to create static WML pages or on-the-fly by calling this program as a CGI. Download Debian package 10KB, or get html2wml from Debian directly.


lanoche - laptop or notebook check, generates a HTML report showing hardware information about your laptop. May be used as a framework to create your own "Linux on my Favorite Laptop" page. Currently version 0.6 is out. Download gzipped tar file or download Debian package 11KB, or get lanoche (note the package is now deprecated!) from Debian directly.
You may see an example report about Linux on a SONY VAIO F-403.

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