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Linux on Laptops and Notebooks with VIA CPU

This survey includes all the laptops scattered over the Linux Laptop and Notebook Installation Survey containing VIA processors.

Airis 740Ubuntu 8.04French
ECS A900 [archived link]Mandriva (Mandrake) 9.0 
ECS G320 (aka Great Quality GQ MX 3203)DamnSmallLinux 
ElementComputer Helium 2100 [archived link]Lycoris Desktop/LX Tablet Edition 
HP 2133 Mini-Note *)  NEW  Ubuntu 8.04 
HP 2133 Mini-Note *)  NEW  Gentoo 
InsightSolutions eNote (aka Lindows Mobile PC)LindowsOS 
InsightSolutions eNote Travel Lite (aka Lindows Mobile PC)Debian 3.0 Woody 
InsightSolutions eNote ISNB-001 (aka Lindows Mobile PC)LindowsOS, Debian 
One A110 Mini-Laptop *)Debian 
Packard Bell EasyNote XS (aka Via Nanobook)  NEW  Debian 4.0r1 
TabletKiosk eo TufTab v7112XTNovell/SuSE 10.2German
Zonbu ZonBook 1Gentoo 

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  • The EPIA HOWTO has information about the LongHaul CPUFREQ support in the Kernel.
  • VIA's support forum ViaArena offer Linux information, too.

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