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This is a survey of links to Linux installations on laptops and notebooks with ARM CPU. Please note the laptop manufacturer ARM seems to have nothing to do with the ARM CPU made by Intel and others. Actually I do not know of a laptop manufactured with an ARM CPU.


Acorn A4(http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~theom/riscos/a4/index.html)RiscOS  
Acorn A4 [archived link]RiscOS  
Acorn A4/A5000 Linux(http://www.bits.bris.ac.uk/dooby/armlinux/)Linux  

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See the SHARP Zaurus Linux PDAs and the HP/COMPAQ iPAQs with Linux.



Charm(http://rogue.colorado.edu/Charm) is an optimizer that operates on Linux/ARM executables. The executables have to be linked with the -q switch but the compilation process does not have to be changed otherwise. Charm works best with profile feedback which can be obtained with an accompanying tool. A pre-release of charm is now available from: Charm is a static binary optimizer for programs compiled for Intel's embedded processors (StrongARM, XScale, etc.). To guide the optimization process Charm utilizes profile information which can be obtained using a Pin tool included in the distribution.


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