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Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding is the third.
       -- Marge Piercy: Gone to Soldiers, p. 732(http://www.margepiercy.com/)

Werner Heuser Please feel free to mail me if you have recommendations or criticisms. I'm very receptive to additions, suggestions and changes from the readers of these documents. Please note: If you don't object I will include your name and e-mail adress into the according credits chapter. To avoid spam (at least a little) I will change the @ sign into _at_.

Note: I get many mails now, by people, which don't seem to have done much research by themselfs before. I don't have time to answer these kind of questions. Please help yourself before asking others. Often you get the solution much quicker ;-) If you don't find a solution at these TuxMobil pages please try at least:

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