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Life is the first gift, love is the second, and understanding is the third.
       -- Marge Piercy: Gone to Soldiers, p. 732

Werner Heuser Please feel free to mail me your comments or criticism. I'm very receptive to additions, suggestions and changes from the readers of these documents. Please note: If you don't object I will include your name and e-mail address into the according credits chapter. To avoid spam (at least a little) I will change the @ sign into _at_.

Note: I get many mails now, by people, which don't seem to have done much research by themselfs before. I don't have time to answer these kind of questions. Please help yourself before asking others. Often you get the solution much quicker ;-) If you don't find a solution at these TuxMobil pages please try at least:

Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>
Granitzstr. 26
D-13189 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 349 53 86
VAT Tax ID Number DE205099607 (Umsatzsteuernummer)

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Here is a survey of my works in print and of my presentation slides.

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