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Linux installation and configuration guides for JoyBook laptops and notebooks made by BenQ. Compatibility reports about running other Unix systems e.g. BSD, Solaris are welcome, too. And don't miss the resource section at the bottom, containing links to applications, tools, utilities, drivers, community portals, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written an installation tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

BenQ JoyBook 2100E v38(http://www.vvs.com.au/joybook2100e.html)Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook 5000(http://www.fistcenter.de/howto.php?id=1)GentooGerman
BenQ JoyBook 5000U [archived link]Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook 5100E [archived link]Novell/SuSE 9.2German
BenQ JoyBook 5100N(http://www.kaistraube.de/joybook/joybook5100.html)Novell/SuSE 9.1German
BenQ JoyBook 5100U(http://www.heise.de/ct/04/14/092/) [PRINT]Novell/SuSE 9.1German
BenQ JoyBook 6000(http://www.linuxjoybook.at.tt/)Server Optimized Linux 18.00 
BenQ JoyBook 6000 [archived link]Gentoo, OpenBSDItalian
BenQ JoyBook 7000 G10(http://www.h-dawg.de/?page_id=43)Novell/SuSE 9.3 
BenQ JoyBook 7000-S37(http://www.cancullet.org/benqjb7000/BenqJB7000_linux.html)Ubuntu KUbuntu 5.04 
BenQ JoyBook A32(http://www.matteolucarelli.net/joybook/index_en.htm)Debian 3.1 Sarge 
BenQ JoyBook A32(http://www.matteolucarelli.net/joybook/index.htm)Debian 3.1 SargeItalian
BenQ JoyBook P51(http://www.ubuntufreunde.de/forum/347/ubuntu_6_10_auf_benq_joybook_p51_series_installation.html)Ubuntu 6.10, 7.04German
BenQ JoyBook R53(http://www.mostlyharmless.biz/BenQ_Joybook_R53_und_Debian)Debian, Novell/SuSE 10.2, UbuntuGerman
BenQ Joybook S53(http://www.capponcino.it/alessio/linux_on_joybook-S53/index.html)SlackwareItalian
BenQ JoyBook S53W(http://www.heise.de/ct/06/15/006/) [PRINT]Novell/SuSE 10.1German
BenQ JoyBook S72 [archived link]Gentoo 
BenQ JoyBook S72 [archived link]Debian 3.1, Kanotix 
BenQ JoyBook S72 [archived link]Debian 3.1, KanotixGerman
BenQ JoyBook S73U(http://linuxwiki.de/LutzWillek/Benq%20S73u)Debian EtchGerman
BenQ JoyBook lite(http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/116744/index.html)Ubuntu 

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Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM

If you are looking for drivers, software and service manuals for laptops and notebooks you may sometimes find similar models branded under a different name. Especially the FCC-ID can be helpful to detect the original manufacturer.

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