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Hewlett-Packard HBCS-A300 Bar Code Wand(http://embedded.linuxjournal.com/magazine/issue02/4545).

Some information about the Symbol SPT1700(http://www.thok.org/intranet/lipaq/) Palm-based scanner driver for Linux on the iPAQ PDA.

CueCat Driver

The :Cue:Cat is a little barcode reader that RadioShack distributes for free with their new barcoded product catalog. It connects on a PS/2 keyboard, mouse, or USB port (directly for USB CueCats, or through a CueCat USB adapter with regular PS/2 CueCats) and sends codes when it scans a barcode successfully. The CueCat driver(http://users.skynet.be/ppc/cuecat/) is a driver for Linux that supports a standard PS/2 CueCat connected on a PS/2 keyboard port or a PS/2 mouse port, a PS/2 CueCat connected on a USB port with a CueCat USB converter or a standard PS/2 -> USB converter, and the rare USB CueCat. It intercepts CueCat scancodes in the normal keyboard or mouse scancode flow, decodes them, correct them for errors and sends them in clear to a regular character device file. A userspace utility is also provided to test a CueCat without patching the kernel, and plans to make a cheap serial pod for the CueCat are included as well.


CF-Card Survey

See my survey of infrared devices and survey of PCMCIA/CF-Cards for some information about Linux connectivity to barcode readers.

MobiliScan HS

The MobiliScan HS(http://www.sdgsystems.com/) provides a high level of functionality, convenience and portability for data collection. The combination of this functionality with the Linux operating system allows users to seemlessly integrate data collection and processing with their database systems. The MobiliScan HS software provides keyboard emulation, permitting the use of bar code scanning with any graphical or text application. The software includes a graphical configuration program permitting the user to configure bar code prefix, suffix, symbologies, check digits, redundancy, and other scanning parameters. The MobiliScan HS is available with either a Class 1 or Class 2 laser in a Type I CompactFlash package.

Scantech Discovery SG-20 Barcode Scanner

SCO - Unix/Linux drivers are available from manufacturer(http://www.scantech.nl) .

BaraCoda: RoadRunner

The BaraCoda(http://www.baracoda.com/) RoadRunner BlueTooth barcode works with Linux (it connects with rfcomm).

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