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Currently I only have information about Linux with the DVD-Writer (note: only some specific models come with the DVD writer, the others are equipped with a DVD/CD-RW). For other reports see the TuxMobil Linux Laptop Survey: ASUS.


If you order your ASUS laptop with a DVD-writer in Germany, you currently receive a Toshiba SD-R6012. Despite the label on the side of the tray which says "MULTI RECORDER" it is _not_ a writer for both R+/R-. It can only write DVD-R/-RW (and CD-R/-RW, of course). There are no surprises with cdrecord-proDVD(http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/cdrecord.html) , it runs fine with that drive. Please note cdrecord-proDVD requires a license fee. But you may try it for free at first.

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