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Free Operating Systems on Laptops & Notebooks with 286 CPU: ELKS Linux, Minix, Contiki, FreeDOS

Do you want to install a free operating system on a laptop or notebook equipped with a 286 CPU? Here are some installation and hardware compatibility guides. At the bottom additionally there are some links to free operating systems for small CPUs: ELKS Linux, MiniX, Contiki. See here for FreeDOS on laptops and notebooks. Have you written an installation tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

Installation and Compatibility Reports

COMPAQ LTE 286 [archived link]MiniX 
Toshiba T1000LEELKS Linux 
Toshiba T1000LEELKS Linux, FreeDOS 0.9 Beta SR 1German
Toshiba T1100 Plus [archived link]ELKS Linux 
Toshiba T1600ELKS Linux, MiniXGerman
Zenith Minisport [archived link]MiniX 2.0.2 

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Free Operating Systems for 286 CPUs

  • ELKS Linux
  • MiniX
  • The ultra-small Contiki OS has now been ported to the x86 . This should give those of you who have an old x86 PC that is too small to run even the smallest of Linux variants, a chance to browse the web, set up a web server, and doing other essential stuff.

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